Chapter 211 - If Something Happens to Her, I Will Not Forgive You

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Chapter 211: If Something Happens to Her, I Will Not Forgive You

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The Yan couple did not care about their image—they started fighting each other and uncovered all of the family’s embarrassments in public. Passersby were watching and laughing about it rather than breaking up the fight.

Even if any of them tried, they were just pretending to do it.

The Luo couple’s faces darkened. The cocktail party they had planned meticulously was ruined.

The first half of the party was ruined by Yan Mingzhu, and the second half of the party was ruined by the Yan couple themselves. The Yan family was definitely here to ruin the party today.

Mr. Luo’s face was stone cold. They even asked for money. He was nice enough to not end the Yan family once and for all.

All of a sudden, someone screamed, “God, it’s blood… a lot of blood…”

Everyone turned towards Tang Yuyao, who was lying on the ground. Her face was pale, and she was in so much pain that tears started streaming down her face. She said weakly, “Quick… save my baby… It’s so painful… I beg you all… Please save my baby…”

Blood flowed out of her lower body, and her champagne-colored dress turned red from it—it was a terrifying sight.

The crowd, who had been watching the show, turned into chaos.

Yan Qingsi clenched her fist. It was all part of the plan, but to see it for herself hurt her inside.

Yan Songnan, who had been fighting with Ye Lingzhi, kicked her off him and ran over to Tang Yuyao. “Hold on there, hold on there… The baby… The baby…”

Yan Songnan was freaking out. The baby Tang Yuyao was carrying was his only son. He valued having a son more than his own daughter—when Yan Mingxiu got in trouble, Yan Songnan was not sad about it. He was more worried about losing the possibility of having descendants in the Yan family.

He was excited again when Tang Yuyao got pregnant. He thought he was going to have a son.

However, Tang Yuyao was shivering and bleeding non-stop. Yan Songnan felt like his world was about to collapse.

Tang Yuyao’s bloody hand grabbed Yan Songnan and said shakily, “Chief Yan, please save… my baby…”

Yan Songnan was freaking out so badly that he did not know what to do. “Baby, baby… how can we save him?”

Yan Qingsi stood next to the duo and coldly said, “I have already called for an ambulance, it’ll be here any minute.”

She continued right after that, “I also lodged a police report as well, you don’t have to thank me.”

Mr. Luo shouted, “You called the police?”

If the police were alerted about this, more people would find out about the incident. Although this had nothing to do with the Luo family, it was an incident that happened at a cocktail party hosted by them. Everyone would find out about their relationship with the Yan family. The Luo family would be embarrassed after this.

Yan Qingsi said sarcastically, “Should we not call the police when someone is beaten up this badly? If she loses her baby, there’s no way this could be hidden from the public eye.”

Yan Qingsi’s last statement woke Yan Songnan up. He ran back to Ye Lingzhi and kicked her a few more times. “Vile woman! If something happens to her, I will not forgive you.”

The police and ambulance arrived after a short while. Tang Yuyao was sent to the hospital, and Yan Songnan followed.

Yan Qingsi wanted to follow as well, but Tang Yuyao clenched her teeth and shook her head at her…

The police found out more details about the incident and took photos of the blood on the ground before taking a few statements from witnesses, including Yan Qingsi.

The police wanted to arrest Ye Lingzhi—that was when she finally started freaking out. Her face was as swollen as a steamed roll while she said crazily, “I was just hitting a mistress, I am the victim here. Officer, I am the victim… That woman ruined my family…”

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