Chapter 212 - Let's See Who Dares to Touch Yan Qingsi

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Chapter 212: Let’s See Who Dares to Touch Yan Qingsi

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The officer ignored what she said. “Before the investigation is complete, you shouldn’t make your own conclusions. Even if you were telling the truth, you shouldn’t have used this much force. You continued hitting that woman even after she said she was pregnant. You have the intention of hurting her.”

The police took away a defeated Ye Lingzhi, along with a few so-called passionate witnesses.

After the hoo-ha ended, attendees of the cocktail party did not leave the scene—they were waiting for more.

Leng Ran walked over and said, “Sister Qingsi, let’s go.”

Leng Ran had adhered to Yan Qingsi’s request and stayed away from the commotion. He did not go over as long as Yan Qingsi was not in danger.

He pretty much understood the whole incident. Now that the commotion was over, he had to get her to leave. No one could anticipate what was going to happen next. Sister Mai had already called five times to ask about the situation over here.

Yan Qingsi was prepared to leave after it was over.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Just as the duo was about to leave, they were stopped by Mr. Luo.

“Stand right there.”

Yan Qingsi turned around and asked with a smile, “Is there anything else Mr. Luo needs from us?”

Luo Jinchuan looked at Yan Qingsi with mixed feelings. She had been addressing his father as uncle before this, but after she achieved her objectives, she started addressing him as Mr. Luo instead to distance herself from him.

She was the same towards him—when she used him to teach Yan Mingzhu a lesson, she would wrap her hands around his arm and address him as her brother-in-law endearingly.

Now that she was done with Yan Mingzhu, her gaze never once landed on him again.

Luo Jinchuan felt anger creep up in him. Who did Yan Qingsi think she was to use him like that? On top of that, her aim was to ruin the party—this fanned the anger Luo Jinchuan felt towards Yan Qingsi.

Now that he knew Mr. Luo wanted to settle scores with Yan Qingsi, he stood silent.

Mr. Luo said coldly, “Miss Yan, the Luo family has nothing against you. Did you think you could just walk away after ruining our party?”

Mr. Luo was a seasoned businessman himself—his gaze was sharp and threatening.

“You’re an interesting man, Mr. Luo. What did this have anything to do with me?”

“I have reason to believe that you planned all of this.”

Yan Qingsi’s gaze briefly landed on Luo Jinchuan. “Mr. Luo, you’re expecting too much of me. If I was this capable, your son would’ve already been mine. I would already be raining havoc in your house.”

Mr. Luo threatened, “Miss Yan, the Luo family is well-known in Luo city. You have intentionally ruined the Luo’s image. You have to issue a statement of apology to the Luo family and admit that this was all planned by you. Nothing that happened today had anything to do with the Luo family.”

The party was ruined, and the only way out was to come up with solutions to minimize the damage. Mr. Luo knew that Yan Qingsi was a celebrity, and the influence of a celebrity was unbeatable—maybe this would increase the Luo family’s popularity.

Yan Qingsi scoffed, “Sorry, you’re not that big of a deal. Little Leng, let’s go.”

Mr. Luo shouted, “I’m afraid Miss Yan has to stay here until your company issues an apology. Men, bring Miss Yan downstairs.”

“Let’s see who dares to touch her.”

A loud voice rang throughout the banquet hall, sending shivers down people’s spines. That voice had so much power that it made people lower their heads unconsciously.

Yan Qingsi turned around quickly to see a figure taking big steps towards her. A voice inside her said, ‘He finally showed up!’

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