Chapter 252 - Their Romance Was Public

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Chapter 252: Their Romance Was Public

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Jin Xuechu laughed cynically. All this while he had celebrities gushing over him, and now… he had been rejected. He put himself out there and still, she did not want him. He had failed so pathetically!

Yan Qingsi stood at the entrance to the neighborhood and called Xiao Xu to pick her up.

However, Xiao Xu was not answering her calls. A car drove out of the compound and Yan Qingsi stood to the side of the road.

The car stopped next to her and the window rolled down revealing Jin Xuechu’s face. “Where are you heading to? I’ll drop you off.”

“It’s fine.” Jin Xuechu had ulterior motives with her and Yan Qingsi has no intention of interacting with him any more than she needed to.

Jin Xuechu suddenly felt that he was a failure of a human being. He shrugged. “Come on. I’m not that shameless and thick-faced to force myself onto a lady who rejected me. I just want to tell you about my new song.”

Yan Qingsi hesitated for a moment and then opened the car door and got inside.

When they arrived at the hotel the crew were staying in, Yan Qingsi got out of the car. “Thanks. I’ll see you around.”

Jin Xuechu felt like he needed to ask for someone’s opinion. Has his charisma disappeared? Why was he constantly being rejected by Yan Qingsi?

Jin Xuechu whipped out his phone, turned on the camera and took a selfie, and shared it on Weibo with the caption, “Have I grown ugly recently?”.

It was nearly dawn. The likes, comments, and shares of Jin Xuechu’s post on Weibo were skyrocketing.

The fans commented the same thing.

Anonymous Fan: [Not sleeping at night has its’ benefits, our Xue God 1 is so handsome, no thighs can stay close to him!]

Jin Xuechu laughed by himself. It did not matter how handsome he was if someone did not value it.

After returning to her room, Yan Qingsi received a call from Miss Mai. As she listened to her endless chattering, she let something slipped. “I seduced Yue Tingfeng.”

“What?” Miss Mai asked shrilly.

“I slept with him! I’m tired. If something comes up, it can wait till tomorrow.” Yan Qingsi turned off her phone immediately after finishing her sentence and fell asleep. She did not care if the sky was falling. All she wanted to do was sleep.

The next day, she was woken up by someone banging on the door so hard, the sound could shake the skies. Yan Qingsi opened the door, scowling, and saw Xiao Xu—so nervous he was drenched in sweat. “Miss… Miss… quickly, look at the phone! You’ve made the headlines again!”

“What headlines?” Yan Qingsi grabbed the cell phone, and the headlines read: [Jin Xuechu and Yan Qingsi’s Romance Is Real].

Breaking news: Two hours after Xue God entered a certain neighborhood, he brought a lady out with him, and that lady was Yan Qingsi, who allegedly had an affair with him in the past. The two of them were spotted in the same car headed toward a hotel, and it looked like their romance has reached a point that they are now living together. We have photographic proof!

Somebody noticed that in the background of the selfie Jin Xuechu posted, there was a hotel, and there was a blurry figure, which one could barely make out as a paparazzi-style shot of Yan Qingsi.

In that way, their ‘romance’ was now made public!

Yan Qingsi… d*mn, living together!

At the same time, in the Yue home, Mrs. Yue was so furious. She was about to smash her phone onto the floor. “What is all this bullsh*t?”

“What’s wrong Madam?”

“These days, all these entertainment news outlet spew lies. Last night, Yan Qingsi was clearly with my son. I don’t believe that anyone would be able to snatch anything that my son’s. Such utter bullsh*t.”

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