Chapter 262 - You Dare to Bully Her? You Must Be Tired of Living

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Chapter 262: You Dare to Bully Her? You Must Be Tired of Living

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Yan Qingsi slammed the table while she glared at Mrs. Wang. “So what if she was mistaken? What if she accused you? What if she can do anything she wants just because she’s from a powerful family? She’s the empress of the Yue family, what are you small fries to say anything? Lending her necklace to you elevated your status, so you should f*cking know your place.”

Mrs. Yue looked at Yan Qingsi with her eyes opened wide, and subconsciously crept closer to her side.

Mrs. Wang was fuming. “You… You…”

Yan Qingsi continued menacingly, “I… What? You’re polluting my scenery here. I would advise you to get the hell out of my sight right this instant… or else the Wang family will know what it means to lose everything in one night.”

“Mrs. Yue, I thought you were a reasonable woman, but it seems like I was wrong. Come on ladies, let’s go.”

Mrs. Wang stomped out of the cafe furiously with her gang.

Mrs. Yue could only look on, feeling stunned. “What are we…”

Yan Qingsi stood up and put on her shades. “Aunty, look after my things for me, will you? I’ll be right back.”

“Wait, but where are you going?” Mrs. Yue asked, thinking she was leaving.

Yan Qingsi chuckled. “Getting the real necklace back for you, aunty. You didn’t really think I’d let you lose a necklace like that, did you?”

Yan Qingsi sped off before Mrs. Yue could stop her. She watched Yan Qingsi disappear into the crowd and murmured, “I… actually, it’s okay if I don’t get it back.”

Over at the car park below the mall, Mrs. Wang felt uneasy. “Did we pass her the wrong necklace? Both of them look exactly the same, we better not have returned her the real one.”

“It can’t be…”

“That little devil sounded really convincing back there. If it was the fake one, would Mrs. Yue have sucked it up just like that?”

The lot of them were fervently discussing the issue when a sharp voice suddenly rang out, “My oh my, what did I just hear?”

They frantically turned around to see that Yan Qingsi stood behind them and their faces turned pale. “You…”

Yan Qingsi put her cell phone back in her pocket and walked over to them. “You dare to bully Yue Tingfeng’s mother? Do you have a death wish?”

Only now did Mrs. Wang realize what had happened and shrieked “You trickster! You lied to us just now?”

Yan Qingsi raised an eyebrow. “Otherwise, how would I get all of you to spit out the truth?”

With the situation they were in earlier, it was impossible for Yan Qingsi and Mrs. Yue to force them to hand over the real jade necklace, so Yan Qingsi had to make her little improvisation.

Mrs. Wang seethed with rage. She signaled the gang of women around her and said, “Let’s show her some proper hospitality.”

Before the women could rush up to her, she lunged forward and grabbed Mrs. Wang by the hair. Kicking her behind the knee, Yan Qingsi pinned her to the ground.

“Everyone f*cking stay where you are,” Yan Qingsi ordered.

Yan Qingsi sat down and straddled Mrs. Wang, flashing a sly smile. “What’s the rush, honey? I’m not done talking yet.”

Yan Qingsi rummaged around her pocket and retrieved a small vial of fluid, waving it in front of Mrs. Wang’s face, she asked, “Do you know what is this?”

Mrs. Wang was hurting from her hair being tugged. “Let go of me, you devil.”

Yan Qingsi slowly spelled the word out, “A-C-I-D.”

Mrs. Wang’s voice quivered. “What do you think you’re doing…” The rest of the women knew better than to make any sudden movements.

Yan Qingsi slowly twisted the vial open, saying, “You know, with that face of yours like an old hag, splashing acid on it would be like free plastic surgery for you. You don’t need to thank me, I like doing good deeds like that.”

Mrs. Wang’s face was as white as a sheet. “No… Don’t… Please don’t…”

“I’ll count to three. If I don’t see the real necklace by then, this acid will be all over your face. Let’s see what you value more. The necklace? Or your face?”


Rich man Yan: When your girl and your mum team up to steal the show, how are you going to make an entrance again?

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