Chapter 309 - Qingsi, a Man like Me Is Better for You

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Chapter 309: Qingsi, a Man like Me Is Better for You

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Yan Qingsi gripped onto the beer bottle she was holding. She had not had someone fed her since she was a child.

Those memories were warm and endearing—however, they also left a scar in Yan Qingsi’s heart. Every time she was reminded of it, it hurt her deeply.

Yan Qingsi’s face grew hotter. Yue Tingfeng looked at her with a smile.

Yan Qingsi wanted to reject him. “I…”

Yan Qingsi’s lips parted—and the lobster meat was shoved into her mouth.

Yue Tingfeng peeled another one and put it in his mouth. He disliked it. “It tastes average, but since we’re in a place like this, we’ll have to take it.”

Yue Tingfeng never would have visited restaurants like this. A person with his taste would usually only eat at five-star restaurants. However, now that he’s here in a small street stall, he had to eat anything and everything.

Yue Tingfeng’s forceful, romantic display left Qin Jingzhi and Jin Xuechu with dark expressions.

The duo did not expect him to act as shameless as he did. He did not care if the woman accepted it—he forced it on her.

Qin Jingzhi stared at Yue Tingfeng with a perplexed expression. He knew Yue Tingfeng better than anyone else did–this boy grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. He usually acts as if he was better than everyone else—but he was willing to humble himself down to this level for Yan Qingsi.

He initially thought Yue Tingfeng was playing with this, but his investment in this was higher than he expected.

Yue Tingfeng spoke while peeling lobsters, “Uncle, King, when do you guys plan to drink? There is a lot of beer, I don’t expect you to drink it all at once, take your time. Don’t worry, I’m not that evil, but since we already placed our bets, it’s not good to back out of it. Tell me, if you guys can’t even keep to your promises for some alcohol, wouldn’t you be doing the same thing to women in the future?”

Yue Tingfeng shoved the lobster meat into Yan Qingsi’s mouth again and said, “If you can’t even keep to your word as a man, will there ever be women who would want to be with you?”

The duo was speechless. F*ck, this man was treacherous—he could switch the narrative from alcohol to relationships.

This was obviously to tell Yan Qingsi that they were men who had no sense of responsibility; that she should not be with either of them.

Yue Tingfeng glared at them and said, “People said the way you drink reflects your attitude. Tell me, when I lost, I drank it all… but both of you are wasting time here. How great could your attitudes be?”

That statement turned Qin Jingzhi’s and Jin Xuechu’s faces dark. Yue Tingfeng was too despicable—he turned the conversation topic into an attack on their characters. It made it seem as though they were gutless men.

Yue Tingfeng grilled Yan Qingsi’s favorite mushrooms and scallops and put it in front of her. He said to her, “You’re too skinny, eat more. You should only be with honest and genuine men like me, men like them… forget it.”

Yan Qingsi could not help but laugh. Yue Tingfeng was so shameless—did honesty and genuineness have anything to do with him as a person?

However, she did not expose him.

All of a sudden, she felt that this version of Yue Tingfeng was kind of adorable.

Jin Xuechu said, “I just wanted to eat before I drink again. Mr. Yue’s words were a little too conclusive—bringing up our characters with every line. What’s the rush? How long have we been here? The night is still young.”

Yue Tingfeng laughed. “No one disagreed with you, take your time and drink.”

“Uncle, I have faith in you. Good luck.”

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