Chapter 310 - She’s My Girl, I’ll Take Her

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Chapter 310: She’s My Girl, I’ll Take Her

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Yan Qingsi drank her beer slowly as she watched Jin Xuechu and Qin Jingzhi drink—their faces and necks turned red.

The crowd got bigger in the shop—there were sounds of people playing drinking games from next door. Yan Qingsi gradually felt that the person in front of her doubled and his voice was trailing off.

Yue Tingfeng realized that Yan Qingsi had two empty bottles in front of her. He grabbed the bottle in her hand and said, “Your stomach is weak, don’t drink so much.”

Yan Qingsi blinked. “What did you say…”

After seeing Yan Qingsi’s blurry gaze, Yue Tingfeng was speechless. “Great, are you high?”

Yan Qingsi tilted her head. “No.”

Yue Tingfeng put his arm around her shoulders. “Okay, no, come, eat some fish, this grilled fish tastes decent.”

Yan Qingsi opened her mouth and ate it. She frowned. “It doesn’t taste good…”

Yan Qingsi—who was tipsy—could not sit still anymore. She seemed confused with everything and no longer had the tough facade she usually had. She was acting like a little girl.

Yue Tingfeng could not help himself but pinched Yan Qingsi on her face. She shook her head right away in an attempt to shake his hand off her.

Yue Tingfeng laughed. She was pretty adorable being tipsy.

Yan Qingsi was done with shaking her head and mumbled, “Dizzy…”

Yue Tingfeng said immediately, “Do you feel giddy? Lay in my arms and rest for a while.”

Little Xu watched from the side in disdain.

Jin Xuechu and Qin Jingzhi passed out from drinking by midnight but there was still alcohol on the table.

Yue Tingfeng scoffed and pursed his lips. They had the guts to fight with him for her even with their low alcohol tolerance.

Yue Tingfeng carried Yan Qingsi and said, “She’s my girl, I’ll take her. As for you guys, Little Xu… see them out.”

Little Xu nodded and carried Jin Xuechu.

All of a sudden, Jin Xuechu grabbed him by his hand and said, “Qingsi… I… like you, I really like you… Yue Tingfeng is not a good person. I can give you a marriage… and happiness… he can’t give you those…”

If Yue Tingfeng was not carrying Yan Qingsi, he would have kicked him. “You motherf*cker…”

Qin Jingzhi could still criticize Yue Tingfeng being a drunk a*s he was. What did he mean by, ‘Yue Tingfeng could not give you marriage and happiness?’ Why not?

Yue Tingfeng frowned. Marriage… He had never actually thought about it.

Yue Tingfeng said with a dark expression, “Strip them and dump them on the side of the road.”

“…” Little Xu was speechless.

Yue Tingfeng carried Yan Qingsi downstairs, paid the bill, and rode back to the hotel.

Little Xu was left with two drunk men, he did not dare to leave the Best Actors on the side of the road.

After arriving at the hotel, Yue Tingfeng put Yan Qingsi on the bed, took off her shoes, and turned around to go to the bathroom. He came out with a hot towel in his hand.

He bent over to clean Yan Qingsi’s face and she opened her eyes all of a sudden. Her eyes were bright, she did not look like she was drunk at all.

Yue Tingfeng was stunned. He was dragged forward by Yan Qingsi within the next second.

By the time he realized what was going on, he was already lying in bed with Yan Qingsi on top of him.

Yue Tingfeng’s heart raced. “What are you trying to do?”

Yan Qingsi stroked her own hair. “I’m trying to have… drunk sex!”

Yue Tingfeng grabbed Yan Qingsi by her hand. “The f*ck… are you actually drunk? This landed on my lap way too easily, don’t you dare repeat what you did the last time and kick me out when you’re done with me. I’m not that easy…”


Rich Man Yue: God, this is bad. Will this gift from god screw me over?

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