Chapter 411 - Joining Forces to Smite Those Good-for-Nothings

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Chapter 411: Joining Forces to Smite Those Good-for-Nothings

Ji Mianmian immediately handed over the point-of-sale machine. “Sis.”

During their journey there, Yan Qingsi stopped by to get the machine much to the bewilderment of Ji Mianmian. ‘Why are we buying all that? It’s not like we’re operating a shop, what do we need that for?’

Only then did Ji Mianmian understand its use. ‘The only word to describe my goddess is a big, bold ‘suave’!’

Yan Qingsi tossed the machine to the table, producing a loud thud. “Go ahead, Mrs. Helan.”

Mrs. Helan clenched her fists. She originally thought that Mrs. Yue would come alone. All the dames knew that Mrs. Yue’s mahjong skills were terrible, and they even gave her a nickname amongst themselves—’wealth-giving tub’.

The ‘tub’ was derived from the phrase ‘rice tub1’.

Mrs. Helan had no reason to decline the invitation, not when the fat lamb willingly came forward to be slaughtered. Two-point-five million was no small sum but Mrs. Yang and the others won precisely that amount the last time around.

Mrs. Helan regretted not joining at that time. She was not about to let the chance slip by again.

Little did she expect that Mrs. Yue would bring over that despicable girl.

What was even more unexpected was Yan Qingsi’s top-notch skills. She won time and time again, forcing them to crack their heads open.

Mrs. Helan came with the sole intention of winning over Mrs. Yue’s money, so she brought a Hermès bag big enough to fit plenty of cash.

In a turn of events, it was she who had to swipe her card.

Mrs. Helan looked at the point-of-sale machine in front of her and wished she could just fling it at Yan Qingsi’s face. She did not dare to follow through as there were too many people around, not to mention Yue Tingfeng’s ownership of the venue they were at.

Yan Qingsi slapped the table. “Why do you look so distressed, Mrs. Helan? You’ve always been saying that your Helan family is very rich. This is just thirty thousand, and yet you’re already thinking of reneging your debt?”

Mrs. Helan gritted her teeth and glared at Yan Qingsi.

Smiling, Yan Qingsi said, “It’s fine if you don’t want to pay up. I’ll consider the debt settled if you go to the papers tomorrow and tell everyone that your Helan family is so poor that they can’t even pay up thirty thousand. How about it?”

The other ladies lowered their heads. To make the headlines as a poor family, just for the sake of thirty thousand, was far more humiliating than slapping oneself. Even though the others were dejected to lose, it was not as if they could not pay up.

Mrs. Helan held her hands. “I’m sorry, I don’t have any more cash and I didn’t bring out my card because I rushed out. How about…I give you an IOU”

Yan Qingsi chuckled. “IOU? That won’t do. I don’t trust you, Mrs. Helan. When it comes to money, a pet peeve of mine is that I won’t be reassured if the money isn’t in my hands. If I knew you were so poor, I wouldn’t have played with you, Mrs. Helan. If you had some self-awareness of your situation, you shouldn’t have come here in the first place. You’re not worthy of coming here. You’re brave enough to come and gamble with only a few dollars in your hand? That’s a bit too thick-faced of you.”

Mrs. Yue nodded beside her. “Exactly. The expenses in our Yue family’s Jade Orchid Pavilion amounts to the ten-thousands every night, yet you still dare to come in here without ten thousand on you. If we didn’t know each other, you would’ve been beaten and thrown out. You can consider us acquaintances, let me know if your family is starving and impoverished from being so poor. If I knew this earlier, I wouldn’t have thrown away my old clothes and shoes. It’d be better to give them to you.”

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