Chapter 412 - With Every Passing Minute, I Faint Because of How Handsome My Goddess Is

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Chapter 412: With Every Passing Minute, I Faint Because of How Handsome My Goddess Is

Yan Qingsi gave Mrs. Yue a silent approval. ‘You’re good, Auntie.’

It appeared that Mrs. Yue’s fighting spirit was heightened when facing Mrs. Helan.

Having been drained of her money, Mrs. Helan’s face turned red. ‘They… really humiliate me.’ The Helan family actually has that money.

The other two ladies looked at Mrs. Helan’s face curiously.

Her face was red and burning. People like her seemed noble and aloof, but their vanity was actually much stronger than others. The more they tried to feign their nobility, the more afraid they were of being looked down on and being thought of as poor.

Mrs. Helan huffed. “It’s just thirty thousand. Do you need to go to all that trouble to humiliate me? I really did forget my card when I rushed out. I’ll have my driver send it over. Thirty thousand is a lot less than the money I send to beggars away.”

Yan Qingsi twitched her lip. ‘She’s willing to go through hell just to keep up appearances.’

Yan Qingsi stretched out her hand and patted Mrs. Helan’s bag. “I think, you don’t need to send your driver over. Mrs. Yue, this bag looks pretty nice. How about you give it a try?”

Mrs. Helan1 took the bag with one hand and went to one side. “Hmph, keep dreaming. I lost only thirty thousand and this bag costs a hundred and fifty thousand. You’re thinking so much about money that you’ve gone nuts.”

Yan Qingsi faked a shocked expression. “It costs a hundred and fifty thousand. So expensive…”

Mrs. Helan said scornfully, “Duh! You can’t buy this bag even if you have money.”

“Tsk tsk… you’re really rich!”

While Mrs. Helan was looking smug, Yan Qingsi said, “Since that’s the case… Why not… just lose another couple of times. That’ll do it.”

Ji Mianmian pursed her lips and prevented her voice from nearly escaping.

‘Why is my goddess so handsome? Why is she so amazing? I’m turning gay with every minute. I’m finished, I’m finished! No man in this world can ever make me fall for them. Oh, my goddess.’

Mrs. Helan got up and her entire body was trembling. Beside her right hand was a glass of freshly-pressed lemon juice, and she wanted to splash it all over Yan Qingsi’s face.

Spotting Mrs. Helan’s sly glance at the glass, Ji Mianmian stretched out to reach it first.

With fast reflexes, she hurried up and grabbed the glass of lemon juice, which she then gave to Mrs. Helan. “Please have a drink, Mrs. Helan. Calm down. This is a game of mahjong. If you play it, then you consent to losing. You didn’t lose much, think of our Mrs. Yue, she’d lost two-point-five million.”

Mrs. Helan finally had someone to lift her out of the predicament. She huffed and reached out to take the glass.

She had touched the glass for barely two milliseconds when a loud crack was heard. The glass was shattered and the lemon juice splashed out, some splashed on Mrs. Helan’s shoes.

Ji Mianmian was smart. If she had spilled it over Mrs. Helan’s body, the woman would use that as an excuse to leave.


Ji Mianmian put on a stupefied look. “S-s-s-sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m strong. I can easily break things if I’m not careful. My parents beat me up for it plenty of times when I was younger. If you don’t believe me, you can see for yourself…”

In order to prove her words, she grabbed the cup beside Yan Qingsi and squeezed it hard so it cracked audibly. “See. I didn’t lie to you. When I was younger, I would break my friends’ bones by accident and my parents had to pay for it. I was able to control it slightly better when I got older.”

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