Chapter 467 - That Pair of B*tches Were Back

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Chapter 467: That Pair of B*tches Were Back

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Mrs. Yue’s body trembled. She could not believe that pair of b*tches were back… They actually had the guts to return.

No one would understand how infuriated Mrs. Qi was. Flames of wrath burnt wildly in her heart, to the point where her head ached and her eyes spun. When her gaze fell on Ding Mulian’s mouth, she felt an insuppressible urge to vomit. She was a mini demon raised by those two devils.

Mrs. Yue grabbed the phone on the reception desk flung it at Ding Mulian with all her might. “Go away! Go away…”

All she wanted to do was escape from this revolting place.

Ding Mulian dodged with ease. She grasped Mrs. Yue’s wrist. “Aunt Mei, where are you going? My daddy and mommy are already here. Why won’t you greet them? Isn’t etiquette a big thing in your country? I don’t blame you for being rude with me — I’m younger than you after all. But you still have to show my daddy and mommy a little respect, right?”

Ding Mulian held onto Mrs. Yue firmly — she could not escape.

Mrs. Yue struggled. “Let go! Let go of me… you fiend! Get lost!”

Mrs. Yue could not linger there — she would go crazy if she had to look at those faces any longer…

Ding Mulian’s shock was written all over her face. In an innocent tone, she asked, “Aunt Mei, what are you saying? You… you called me a fiend? I treat you with so much respect; I see you as my elder, yet you… how could you? I’m immensely disappointed in you.”

“Su Ningmei, who are you trying to show off to? Don’t think that you can act so arrogant just because you’re the Su family’s daughter. Hurry up and apologize to Mulian.” Yue Pengcheng’s voice sounded from behind her.

To Mrs. Yue, his voice was like an electric drill, making its way through her skull and drilling straight at her brain. Mrs. Yue felt like her head was going to explode. Her stomach, which had no breakfast to digest, was churning painfully.

The people who she despised the most, was disgusted by the most and wanted to avoid the most just appeared in front of her eyes without warning.

Seeing those two faces, Mrs. Yue could not hold herself back any longer — she retched.

Previously, when Yue Pengcheng was overseas, Mrs. Yue could pretend as if he was dead — she did not have to see him.

That year, the Su family and the Yue family had come to an agreement too — as long as Yue Pengcheng was alive, he would not return to the country. Only until the day he died would his ashes be sent home to be buried in the Yue family’s ancestral grave.

In spite of that, Yue Pengcheng was now back. He even brought the swine, Ding Fu, back with him.

Mrs. Yue yearned to tear apart Ding Fu’s detestable face.

Mrs. Yue longed to scream her heart out to make them leave her alone, but even the most merciless and disparaging words she could think of could not begin to describe the pair b*tches standing before her.

Ding Fu did not harbor any sense of guilt toward Mrs. Yue. She held her head high and her back straight — her expression was calm and composed. She told Yue Pengcheng, “Pengcheng, don’t yell at her — Mulian must have done something wrong. After all, she is the younger one — it’s normal for elders to lecture them. When that happened, what kind of person asks the elder to apologize? Please don’t blame everything on her. You don’t know the whole situation.”

Hearing that, Yue Pengcheng fumed, “What do you mean I don’t know the whole situation? She said all those things to Mulian. Even you heard that! So what, if she’s an elder? Every time you wrongly accused Mulian and Jinkui, didn’t you apologize to them as well? Are you saying you’re not an elder?”

Ding Fu frowned. “That’s enough. Don’t fuss over such small things. Mulian… hurry up and apologize. Listen to mommy.”

Ding Mulian puffed up her cheeks in rage. “But mommy, it’s clearly not my fault. I greeted Aunt Mie so enthusiastically, yet not only did she ignore me, she even told me to get lost. This isn’t fair.”

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