Chapter 50 - The Best Way: Seduce Him

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Chapter 50: The Best Way: Seduce Him

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“Guess who I saw yesterday night at 11 o’clock in Central Square?”

Yan Qingsi rubbed off the lipstick stain at the corner of her mouth and said softly, “Mr. Yue is such a popular man in Luo City with his many acquaintances. Why are you asking me? I’m not your wife, so it doesn’t concern me. If you really want my concern, marry me then.”

She was not admitting to any of it—to the point of saying such things with an unperturbed face. This woman was truly one of a kind. Yue Tingfeng was looking forward to the days ahead.

Yue Tingfeng laughed and said, “Fine if you don’t want to know. I got people to take care of Yan Mingxiu’s motorbike. They won’t find out about the brakes being sabotaged. Might want to handle it in a cleaner way next time. You won’t be so lucky to have me there all the time. And not everyone is as ‘kind’ as me.”

The animosity burned cold in her eyes. Her grip on her bag tightened.

Yan Qingsi turned to face him and covered the distance in two quick strides. She tugged him down by his tie and spat, “And? Are you threatening me?”

Yue Tingfeng gave her a smug look. “If you say that, does this mean you’re admitting to your crime?”

He never expected to meet a woman with such a cruel streak, yet he was not repulsed.

On the contrary, he found it most interesting.

Yan Qingsi’s hand walked its way up to Yue Tingfeng’s neck and fell on his Adam’s apple. She gently massaged the bump while her face remained innocent. As if speaking to her lover, she crooned, “It was me, I admit. Why shouldn’t I? I am a murderess and you can go ahead and report me. After all… it’s not like I haven’t been to jail!”

Her lips twitched into a wily smile as her finger danced its way to his lips. She lowered her voice and said, “You can go and tell Yan Ruke, the woman who slept with her man three years ago is back. And, she plans to continue using her man. Let her come find me.”

Yue Tingfeng’s breath became labored and he caught Yan Qingsi’s dangerous hand. “Tsk. You really are the ballsiest woman I’ve ever met.”

This kind of hot, devilish women just so happened to be his type.

Like an untamed stallion—wild and stubborn. If he did not reign her in, it would be a great regret in his life.

Yan Qingsi looped her arm around Yue Tingfeng’s neck and tugged. She bit his chin and murmured, “Of course. Without these balls, would I dare to sleep with my aunt’s man? Isn’t that so, Uncle?”

Yue Tingfeng found purchase on her thin waist. “You’re right. Tonight I shall see how adventurous you are…”

Yan Qingsi’s fingers pressed against his chest. “Satisfaction guaranteed.”

She pushed him away and shot him a provocative smile before leaving.

Outside the room, Yan Qingsi quickly composed herself.

F*ck. Yue Tingfeng got the jump on her.

What luck she had that of all people who witnessed it, it had to be Yue Tingfeng.

Now, what was she going to do?

Kill the witness?

No, the price for that would be too high for her to bear. The best way was to seduce him!


Yue Tingfeng, laying down and ready: You’re welcome to seduce me!!! Quick, I cannot wait!!!

Yan Qingsi: Next time, let me sharpen my knife beforehand. I wanna kill someone!

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