Chapter 502 - You Kissed Me, so I Broke Your Jaw

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Chapter 502: You Kissed Me, so I Broke Your Jaw

Ye Shaoguang was in pain. He held his jaw, sat up, and looked at Ji Mianimian with a deadly stare.

Ji Mianmian had chills down her back. She was afraid of Ye Shaoguang’s gaze.

“You… you don’t have to scare me, I’m not afraid of you. I broke your jaw, because… because you… you were taking advantage of me…”

Ye Shaoguang was speechless. He was planning to only fool around with this dumb woman, but now, it was the other around — he was nearly naked, his jaw was unhinged, and he had internal injuries.

Ye Shaoguang’s dark eyes seemed like they were shining with blood red — he was really pissed.

Ye Shaoguang had not been pulling all the stops with Ji Mianmian — that was why she had been having an advantage. Today, he was mad — Ji Mianmian could not even handle his gaze.

She was cold from the gaze as Ye Shaoguang approached her. Ji Mianmian retreated and said, “You, you, you can’t blame me, you were the rascal, isn’t someone else allowed to defend herself?”

If Ye Shaoguang could speak, he would have laughed. Rascal?

She stripped him, and was attempting to take off his underwear — why aren’t you calling yourself a rascal then!

Ye Shaoguang extended his hand as he stared at Ji Mianmian. Ji Mianmian shut her eyes and screamed — as an athlete, her body moved faster than her mind. She grabbed Ye Shaoguang by his hand and threw him over her shoulder — it was as easy as throwing over a sandbag for her.

Ye Shaoguang moaned in pain.

Ji Mianmian realized what she had done and became worried. Why didn’t she control herself? She slapped her right hand with her left, and put her hands behind her back while saying frantically, “I… I, don’t you find trouble with me, this is… you asked for it, I… it was out of self-defence…”

Ye Shaoguang was lying on the ground. Ji Mianmian thought he was hurt, and she freaked out. She could not afford to pay whether he was dead or injured — since she could not afford to pay, she thought it was better for her to run.

Ji Mianmian was in so much shock that her stomach cramped up. She shivered, picked up Ye Shaoguang’s phone, and ran.

As he listened to Ji Mianmian run away, Ye Shaoguang’s chest moved rapidly.

In the Ye family, he could do whatever he wanted — but he failed today.

Ye Shaoguang sat up slowly, and his jaw hurt immensely. He held his jaw, pushed it hard, “Kacha!” his jaw was back in place.

He needed to know some skills to survive in the Ye family.

Ye Shaoguang tightened his belt, looked down at his red chest, and scoffed.

Ye Shaoguang walked over to the fountain and looked at the naked man and woman in it. He bent over and picked up a long strand of hair from Yue Pengcheng’s body.

Ye Shaoguang sneered. “Hair, footprints, fingerprints… how much do you want to get caught for leaving these concrete evidence behind?”

Ji Mianmian was driving while having cold sweat.

She almost got into a few accidents along the way, but she survived.

Ye Shaoguang went home and bumped into You Xi, who came back from a long night. It was obvious that he came home from a night with women as there was lipstick on his neck.

Ye Shaoguang’s buttons on his shirt all came off thanks to Ji Mianmian, that was why his chest was bare. His pale skin made his red chest even more obvious than it should.

You Xi saw him and opened his eyes wide. “F**k… Shaoguang, you finally did it, and you went to this extreme? Were you playing SM?”

“This handprint looks like it came from a woman, you felt good from her strength, didn’t you? Aiyo, who knew you had such peculiar taste, brother had been wrong about you this whole time.”

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