Chapter 503 - Yes, It Was Fun to Be Thrown Over

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Chapter 503: Yes, It Was Fun to Be Thrown Over

Ye Shaoguang said coldly, “Yes… it was fun.”

You Xi said flirtatiously, “Where did you go, call me next time.”


Next time I’ll let her throw you over her shoulder and break your jaw.

Yan Qingsi and Mrs. Yue avoided the hotel’s CCTV and went back to their room.

The room lit up after the access card was inserted.

Mrs. Yue stretched before seeing the person who was sitting on the bed. She screamed and hugged Yan Qingsi.

“What happened?” Yan Qingsi turned around to find the man on the bed with a dark expression looking at them.

Mrs. Yue was not the only one who was afraid this time, Yan Qingsi shivered as well.

Yan Qingsi laughed and gulped. She asked, “It’s late… you, why aren’t you asleep?”

Yue Tingfeng said with a cold face, “Yes, I wanted to ask, what were you both doing being up this late? Last time, you both went to play poker for the entire night, what about this time? Tell me, let me hear it.”

Yan Qingsi and Mrs. Yue looked at each other and held each other’s hands tight. They were lost for words. “We… we…”

Yue Tingfeng shouted, “Say it!”

Yan Qingsi and Mrs. Yue shivered and spoke at the same time.

Yan Qingsi said, “Jogging…”

Mrs. Yue said, “Moon watching…”

Yue Tingfeng laughed, and it was a chilling laugh. “You said jogging, and you said moon watching? Which one of you is lying, or are both of you lying?”

Mrs. Yue waved her hand. “No, we didn’t lie, son, you know your mother, I’m a bad liar.”

Yue Tingfeng did not bother giving a chance to his own mother this time.

“Tell me, moon watching or jogging, say it!”

Both of them shivered from the scare and spoke together again.

Yan Qingsi said, “Moon watching.”

Mrs. Yue said, “Jogging.”

Yue Tingfeng cracked his neck and said, “Haha, it looks like I have to use my real temper.”

Yan Qingsi said quickly, “We were jogging while watching the moon, look at what we’re wearing, of course we were exercising.”

Mrs. Yue nodded. “Yes, that was it, that was it…”

Yue Tingfeng stood up and walked towards the window to draw the curtains. It was dark outside, and he pointed at the sky while saying, “You’re exercising in the middle of the night? Moon watching too? Are you guys blind, is there moonlight out there?”

Yan Qingsi said brazenly, “Can’t we jog at night? It’s… a trend nowadays.”

Yue Tingfeng sneered. “Try convincing a fertilised egg before lying to me.”

Yan Qingsi did not know what to say. Whatever she had said to Yue Tingfeng before this was now being used against her.

Yue Tingfeng checked the duo out. “I know this look better than anyone else.”

Whenever he bumped into Yan Qingsi being up to something, she wore this set of black joggers, baseball cap, and face mask — it was easier for her to move at night without detection.

“Okay, you know this, you know this…”

Mrs. Yue and Yan Qingsi stood there as if they were two students who were caught skipping class — they were being humiliated.

However, the duo understood that no matter what happened, they could not tell the truth about what they were doing.

It would be more than mere humiliation.

Yan Qingsi thought of something and asked, “Stop lecturing us both, you tell me, what are you doing in our room? This is a girl’s room okay? You’re a man, and you thought breaking in here was a good idea?”

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