Chapter 509 - Be Careful of Being Poisoned by Her Without Even Getting to Sleep with Her

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Chapter 509: Be Careful of Being Poisoned by Her Without Even Getting to Sleep with Her

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You Xi laughed. “Give up? What does that mean? The only women I can give up on are the ones I’m bored of sleeping with.”

Ye Shaoguang looked up. “Luo Jinchuan told me that Yan Qingsi is a poisonous woman. Be careful of being poisoned by her without even getting to sleep with her.”

“Poisonous? Perfect, I’m immune to poison.”

“Luo Jinchuan’s words came from experience, you should listen.” Luo Jinchuan had told Ye Shaoguang that he was done being used by Yan Qingsi.

This woman was so poisonous that there was no way one could defend himself from it.

You would know what she was up to, but you would be unable to control yourself.

Eventually, you would be poisoned by her, and she would be just fine – you would be left with an addiction.

Not only did You Xi not take his advice, he became more excited.

“I don’t believe this. I must get this bone – if she’s a thorned rose, I will dethorn her, if she’s a venomous snake, I will remove her fangs. I refuse to believe that there’s any woman I can’t sleep with.”

Ye Shaoguang shook his head. You Xi was being stubborn – he would not believe anything for as long as he was not poisoned by Yan Qingsi.

By the time he finally believes it, he might end up in the same state as Luo Jinchuan.

Although Yan Qingsi slept late, but it was as if her body was born an alarm clock in itself – she opened her eyes just before 10am.

She did not bother checking the time – she jumped out of bed and got dressed.

Yue Tingfeng came back with food and saw Yan Qingsi come out of the toilet. He said, “Sigh, how are you awake? I was about to wake you up.”

Yan Qingsi washed her face with cold water, and she became more alert. She glared at Yue Tingfeng.

“Wake me up? I knew you wouldn’t, I could see right through you.”

This man would want nothing more than having her sleep in bed for the entire day – there was no way he would wake her up.

Yan Qingsi laughed at him. She walked over, grabbed him by his neck, tipped her toes and whispered something in his ear.

“Not only do I know the colour of your underwear, I know your size too – do you want to hear it?”

Yue Tingfeng’s face turned red. “Ahem… it’s time for your shoot, have some food.”

“Don’t you want to hear it?”

Yue Tingfeng dragged Yan Qingsi over while blushing. “Listen to what? Eat.”

Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes. “Tsk…”

After she sat down, she asked, “Where’s aunty? Is she awake?”

“She’ll come over soon.” Yue Tingfeng passed her a pair of chopsticks.

Just as he said so, Mrs. Yue opened the door and walked in. She became slightly embarrassed when she saw Yan Qingsi – it was as if she did not dare to look at her. She touched her nose in shame and sat down.

Yan Qingsi was curious. “Aunty, what’s wrong? You… are you scared of me?”

Could it be that after last night, and thinking what she had done, she now thought that she was an evil person with an evil heart?

Mrs. Yue shook her head. “No, you’re really nice, very nice…”

Mrs. Yue genuinely thought that Yan Qingsi was an amazing girl. Once upon a time, Mrs. Yue’s judgement of women was simple – she had many types of women around her, but they were all fake.

For example, Madam Helan, Ding Fu, the women who played mahjong with her and shopped with her, as well as the precious daughters of rich families.

Whenever she spent time with them, she would unconsciously put up a facade, and she had to be careful of her words – whatever she did, it was possible to be betrayed.

Moreover, they did betray her, and called her dumb behind her back…

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