Chapter 51 - She Was Exactly That Kind of Shameless and Heartless Woman

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Chapter 51: She Was Exactly That Kind of Shameless and Heartless Woman

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Jiang Lai came over with the intention of greeting her, but Yan Qingsi looked like she was about to rip someone apart. At that moment, he immediately chose to swallow back his words.

Yan Qingsi walked directly past him as though he was invisible.

She produced a murderous aura, one that swept across the surrounding area.

Jiang Lai wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead. ‘She couldn’t have done it with CEO Yue, right?

‘Isn’t it a bit desperate to be doing it in here?’

After Yan Qingsi left, Yue Tingfeng remained in the makeup room, taking his time to smoothen his clothes.

He was eagerly anticipating that evening. For years he was stuck in boredom, but on the day that Yan Qingsi returned, he finally felt a spark in his life.

Jiang Lai knocked on the door and entered. The first thing he saw was the red stain on Yue Tingfeng’s lips. Once he remembered that he had seen Yan Qingsi outside just moments ago, he immediately lowered his head. “CEO Yue.”

Yue Tingfeng straightened out his tie and looked at his reflection in the mirror.

His jaw had a pressure mark that had yet to disappear, while Yan Qingsi’s lipstick was still smudged on his lips. His tie was askew and his clothes were slightly wrinkled. It was a look that suggested he had just engaged in some intense sex.

The truth, however, was the exact opposite.

He fished out his handkerchief and wiped away the lipstick stain Yan Qingsi had left. Throughout the process, the corner of his lips had a cryptic smile—it was naughty and devilish.

His expression was lazy and his voice was cold. “Finished talking with Cai Lanyuan?”

Jiang Lai nodded. “Yes, it’s done. She’ll tell the screenwriter about it. It’s guaranteed that she won’t have any intimate scenes.”

Yue Tingfeng cocked an eyebrow. “Intimate?”

Jiang Lai felt a chill run up his spine. He explained hurriedly, “There’s won’t be any form of bodily contact. Director Cai has promised that she will not tell Miss Qingsi about the adjustments made to the role.”

In that respect, Jiang Lai knew Yue Tingfeng all too well.

The latter was strongly territorial. As long as he regarded something as being within his territory, no one else was allowed to even think about laying their hands on it except for him.

Yue Tingfeng made sure his clothes was in order, and when he spotted a pair of Yan Qingsi’s earrings on the table, he pocketed them without hesitation.

Jiang Lai’s mouth twitched as he watched Yue Tingfeng’s action.

He remembered that there was still a piece of Miss Qingsi’s clothe in Yue Tingfeng’s office.

‘What…addiction does CEO Yue have?

‘Why didn’t I notice it earlier?

‘Yan Qingsi’s face didn’t seem too pleased, but CEO Yue seemed to be quite the opposite. What the hell is going on between these two?’

On the way back to the company, Jiang Lai’s curiosity perked up. He asked, “CEO Yue, since you have every intention of helping Miss Qingsi… Why don’t you get her a bigger role?”

In response, Yue Tingfeng retorted, “Why should I?”


In that split second, Jiang Lai felt as though he did not understand his boss at all. ‘If another man was pursuing a woman, wouldn’t that man give the woman he’s pursuing whatever she wants?

‘Why is it different with Miss Qingsi?’

Jiang Lai had more questions, but he kept his mouth shut because he did not dare to ask any further.

Yue Tingfeng’s fingers fiddled with Yan Qingsi’s earrings. His thin lips curled up and they were much redder after being kissed by Yan Qingsi.

Yue Tingfeng felt it clearly in his heart—Yan Qingsi was remarkably similar to a fox-spirit.

If he gave her whatever she wanted, she would fill herself up fast and satiate herself. If that happened and she later got angry, she would definitely be brave enough to break it off with him without even batting an eye. Falling-out notwithstanding, she would certainly not own up to her own faults.

She was exactly that kind of shameless and heartless woman.

He could not possibly fulfill her wishes, not when he was still unable to seduce her, and especially not before he fully enjoyed her taste.

Yan Qingsi was his prey and a no ordinary one at that. He had to put in much more thought and patience when it came to her.

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