Chapter 510 - Bad Women Are Cuter

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Chapter 510: Bad Women Are Cuter

After meeting Yan Qingsi, Mrs. Yue realized that her perception had been quite narrow, women… could actually live like this.

What was there to worry about? What was there to fear about? What was there to be wary of?

Why did I have to tolerate it whenever someone else hurt me?

I can continue being nice, but my genuineness cannot be turned into a weapon against me.

Just as Yan Qingsi said – be a more evil person and you would realize that there were so many things in life that could be solved easily. You would realize that your life changes for the better as well.

“Then why… are you looking at me like that?” Yan Qingsi asked.

Mrs. Yue glared at Yue Tingfeng. “I… watched you get carried away by my son and I did not save you, I… I feel guilty!”

Yan Qingsi laughed. “You’re still worried about this? Who knew which one of us would be the one taking advantage of another?”

Yue Tingfeng rolled his eyes at Yan Qingsi as he thought about her pushing him over last night and said: Let me do it, don’t be polite…

Yue Tingfeng laughed silently.

He put down his chopsticks and said, “After resting, it’s time to talk business. Last night, both of you were quite capable of doing it, come, tell me what it is like after committing the crime.”

Yan Qingsi looked up and said, “Aunty…”

Mrs. Yue waved her hand. “I… not me, he came and look for me in the morning and said that Yue Pengcheng lodged a police report, I… I just…”

Mrs. Yue heard that Yue Tingfeng wanted to lodge a police report, she shivered and revealed everything after being interrogated by him.

It was because of this that she felt even worse looking at Yan Qingsi – she was taking revenge for her, and now… she betrayed her in front of her own son.

Mrs. Yue looked down – she was too ashamed to look Yan Qingsi in her eye.

Yan Qingsi sighed. She knew that Mrs. Yue could not hold off Yue Tingfeng’s interrogation.

Just reveal it then – it was impossible to hide it forever anyway. Yue Pengcheng and Ding Fu were pranked to that extent, and it was impossible for them to not do anything about it. Even if they did not talk about it, Yue Tingfeng would know about it eventually.

Yan Qingsi glared at Yue Tingfeng. “Yes, we did something huge last night, so what, can’t we?”

Yue Tingfeng looked at Yan Qingsi’s fearless face, and his chest was filled with anger.

“Have you ever thought about what would happen if you both were exposed last night? We wouldn’t be eating here right now, I would have to come to the station to bail you guys out.”

Yan Qingsi spread her hands out. “But it’s obvious that you were overthinking it, we’re fine now, and **** it.”

Mrs. Yue nodded – she agreed with her.

Yue Tingfeng looked over, and Mrs. Yue looked down immediately – she did not dare to speak.

When Yan Qingsi was asleep, Mrs. Yue was already lectured by Yue Tingfeng to the point where she wanted to go home to his grandmother.

“I’m saying just in case – you were lucky that you came back safe after what you did, it’s not that you were invincible.”

Mrs. Yue whispered, “No… Qingsi is good at it, she’s really good at it.”

Yan Qingsi lifted her chin. “What’s wrong with my plan? I think it was perfect.”

Mrs. Yue nodded. “Yes…”

Yue Tingfeng turned around and said, “Mrs. Yue, be quiet, you’ll have your time to talk in a while.”

Mrs. Yue scrunched her nose and kept quiet.

Yan Qingsi scoffed. “Let me tell you, I wasn’t doing it without planning, I did think it through. First, I had Mianmian find out their hotel through the paparazzi, and found their room number…”

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