Chapter 517 - A Life of Shame

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Chapter 517: A Life of Shame

Ding Mulian finally regained her senses, one side of her face still stinging with pain. Big, fat tears rolled down her cheeks. “Daddy… I – I’m sorry… I didn’t mean anything I said. I just got so mad seeing your injuries, sorry…sorry, please forgive me, I beg you.”

Yue Pengcheng glanced at Ding Fu. He grunted, “Hmph… You all better be more careful next time.”

“Dad, Mom, was it Su Ningmei who orchestrated last night’s incident?” Ding Jinkui asked.

“If not her, then who?” Ding Mulian said, her voice small.

Tears silently streamed down Ding Fu’s cheeks. Yue Pengcheng refused to say anything—he refused to mention anything related to last night’s events. Once he did, he would remember everything.

The image of the dumb cuckold was branded into his mind like iron, unable to be wiped away from memory for the rest of his life.

“I tried to examine the situation just now, and there’s no definitive evidence to prove that it was concocted by Su Ningmei,” Ding Jinkui huffed. “If we accuse her, the police will want evidence. But the hotel’s surveillance records show no signs of their presence, so…this case may very well be unsolved.”

Ding Jinkui managed to question the police themselves, and he learned that there were two people who had been kidnapped and assaulted. But the police never told him that Ding Fu had been violated.

The police had probably assumed that the victim’s son would not be able to accept such a horrendous reality, and had probably thought that it would have been better for the adults to tell her.

Yue Pengcheng roared, “That’s enough talk of yesterday’s incident! What of the prohibited items in the luggage bags?”

Ding Jinkui did not say anything. Ding Mulian ducked her head, clamping her hands over her face, not making a sound.

Yue Pengcheng’s eyes raked over the duo. “Don’t think that I don’t know. Mulian, you used to frequent night clubs. I don’t care what you did with anyone, but you’ve dragged my name down with you.”

Ding Mulian shook her head. “I… This is legal in foreign countries. I never thought that it’d been illegal here. I just…I just…”

Ding Mulian had a little bit of a vice. She frequently went to night clubs while out of the country, enjoying the chaos of it. She was not someone with strong self-control, so she took drugs with a couple of unhealthy influences from time to time.

She knew that within her country, marijuana was definitely illegal, but she could not resist bringing some back home. So she secretly brought some and dispersed the goods into Yue Pengcheng and Ding Fu’s luggage bags, as well as her own.

She had safely passed through M Country’s immigration. After returning to the country, she spent these past two nights getting too high in local night clubs and forgot to get the marijuana out of the luggage bags. She never thought that the police would sniff the marijuana out.

It should not have happened. She had packaged those very neatly, and the police had no reason to scour through two victims’ luggage bags.

Ding Mulian prepared to argue in her defense, but Yue Pengcheng never gave her chance as he gave her another slap.

He hit the other side of Ding Mulian’s face this time. She choked out a cry, blood splattering from her mouth. Her ear buzzed; all voices seemed so distant.

Ding Fu shivered. She surmised that Yue Pengcheng was venting a day’s worth of anger on Ding Mulian. He probably wanted to beat her up the most though.

Yue Pengcheng barked, “Jinkui, take her to confess to the police! This isn’t my daughter. I won’t carry this sin for her. Get out…”

Whatever Ding Jinkui wanted to say was silenced by another wink from Ding Fu. He understood, and he clamped his mouth shut.

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