Chapter 519 - I Can Bear the Pain as Long as You Feel Good

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Chapter 519: I Can Bear the Pain as Long as You Feel Good

Ding Fu was good with her words — she knew her way around his points.

Ding Mulian asked her for help — but she knew that if she were to defend her in front of Yue Pengcheng right now, she would be getting herself into trouble.

Ding Mulian and Ding Jinkui did not understand this, but she did.

She would not dig her own grave, but she had to maintain her reputation in front of Ding Jinkui and Ding Mulian — she needed both of them to listen to her, and that was why she used such grand excuses.

One would think that it was a mother’s genuine wish to want the best for her kids.

Moreover, she helped Yue Pengcheng through her excuses, and it really sounded like the case.

Ding Fu knew that she could never regain the position she had in Yue Pengcheng’s heart — but she could not give up just yet, she had to tie herself together with Yue Pengcheng.

But… what was the truth?

In truth, what she really meant was — you should just go and surrender yourself, I am not going to help you, I am barely securing myself, how can I afford to save you right now?

Ding Mulian cried harder as Yue Pengcheng’s expression relaxed. He thought to himself, this Ding Fu was still decent enough to help him out.

Ding Mulian was in tears. “Sorry, I let you down, I could not study… I really didn’t mean to…”

Ding Jinkui said, “Mulian, don’t be too disappointed, they were just some controlled substances, they’re not drugs, the punishment would not be severe. When the time comes, just say that the substances were for your mental health issues and keep denying the claims, you’ll be fine.”

Ding Mulian widened her eyes. “Really, is that possible?”

“Of course! Let’s go, let’s not interrupt dad and mom from resting.”

Ding Jinkui pulled Ding Mulian away and went to the police station.

Before he left, he looked over at Ding Fu and Yue Pengcheng — he suppressed his doubts.

What was happening that made his adoptive parents seem like they were breaking up?

There were only Ding Fu and Yue Pengcheng in the room — she was thinking about what to say to Yue Pengcheng.

Ding Fu could feel Yue Pengcheng’s gaze getting more and more angry. She did not dare to give it another second — she fixed her emotions, looked up at him with watery but loving eyes. It was as if he was her god — whenever she looked at Yue Pengcheng this way in the past, she would often get what she wanted.

Ding Fu’s voice was shaky. “Pengcheng, how are you feeling? Are you okay? After being accused of such a thing must be painful for you, wasn’t it?

Ding Fu did not know what would come next, but she could only give it a try.

In the past, whenever Ding Fu frowned, Yue Pengcheng would pity her for it — she was still beautiful to this day, and her admiring gaze distracted Yue Pengcheng for a second. Just a second.

Immediately after that, he could only see how much of a whore she was — Yue Pengcheng’s expression turned cold again.

This vile woman thought that he would still be as obedient towards her as he used to be? She can dream on.

This was a dirty toy that was in the hands of other men, and she was still putting up a pure facade at the moment — who was it for? Even if she could wash the sluttiness off her face, but it could never clean the filth off her body.

Yue Pengcheng sneered. “I am in pain, but it’s alright, as long as you felt good!”

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