Chapter 522 - You Stole the First Kiss I Was Saving for My Future Husband

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Chapter 522: You Stole the First Kiss I Was Saving for My Future Husband

Yan Qingsi’s lent support to Ji Mianmian — she felt courageous all of a sudden.

That’s right, what was there to be afraid of, even if you didn’t come for me, I would have to end you anyway.

Yan Qingsi took a look at the number that sent the message and passed the phone to Ji Mianmian. She said with a straight face, “Call him right away and ask what does he want.”

Ji Mianmian shivered. “Call… call him right away? I’m still a little scared. Why don’t we wait a little longer, I’m sure he’ll continue to send more.”

Yan Qingsi held Ji Mianmian back. “We can’t wait, he guessed that you wouldn’t have the courage to call, so you have to do it, you should disrupt his plan now.”

Ji Mianmian gulped. “But, but what do I say?”

“No matter what it is, remember, don’t show your fear, he has to know that you’re not afraid of him at all, you’re afraid of nothing, make him feel like his threats mean nothing to you. Mianmian, when you do something evil, never feel guilty, you have to tell yourself that everything you’ve done was for a good reason.”

After hearing Yan Qingsi, Ji Mianmian felt more confident in herself. She nodded, “Yes, it was right, it was right, I can’t fear, I can’t be threatened by him, I remember it now, I’ll call him now.”

Yan Qingsi patted her shoulder. “Call him, I’m right here, don’t be scared.”

Ji Mianmian took a deep breath and called the number back.

Ye Shaoguang was about to send the second text when the phone rang. He laughed as he saw the number — this brainless girl was getting more courageous now, she actually… called him, what a surprise it was.

Ye Shaoguang was about to pick up the call, but his finger froze over the screen. There… might be a problem.

The phone kept ringing — Ye Shaoguang hesitated for a bit, but he picked it up anyway.


Just as he said that, Ji Mianmian’s angry voice was blasted into his ear, “Ladyboy Ye, just say it, what do you want, one-on-one fight or a group fight, pick one, stop using such indirect tricks against me, I hate people like you the most, if you really were capable, fight me properly, what’s the need for tricks?”

“…” Ye Shaoguang was speechless.

So courageous — was she really not afraid of anything?”

“Ha… quite courageous you are, someone already holds evidence against you, and you dare to be this arrogant? It looks like you really aren’t afraid of the police.”

Ye Shaoguang was good at threatening people with his nonchalant voice — Ji Mianmian shivered in her heart.

Ji Mianmian gritted her teeth and looked over at Yan Qingsi for help. Yan QIngsi immediately typed out a sentence on her phone.

Ji Mianmian took a breath and continued, “So what if I’m arrogant, can you do anything about it? If you have the evidence, just bring it to the police, what’s the use of showing them to me? If I knew you were a man of such dirty tricks, I wouldn’t have let you off last night, I should’ve ended you right there. Don’t let me see you anywhere again, otherwise, I’ll beat you up 800 times a day.”

After saying all that, Ji Mianmian felt a burden was lifted off her chest.

This kind of person deserved some scolding.

If she sees him again, she will treat him as a gunny sack and throw him over her shoulder a couple more times.

Ye Shaoguang went silent all of a sudden while he was still holding the phone. This girl was so confident — beating him up 800 times a day… haha…

“Since you put it that way, then fine, we’ll meet at the police station.”

“Let’s do it then, I’m not afraid of you, you’re just mad that I threw you over my shoulder and unhinged your jaw, aren’t you? Why didn’t you say so, and why did you take my first kiss instead? That kiss was something I’ve been saving for my future husband — what are you going to repay me with?”

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