Chapter 53 - Yan Qingsi Had to Die

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Chapter 53: Yan Qingsi Had to Die

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At that very moment, the Yan family were all waiting outside the hospital’s intensive care unit. Ye Lingzhi cried and fainted countless times, while Yan Songnan looked like he had aged upwards of ten years. After all, their only son was lying on a bed inside the ward.

Ye Lingzhi cried to the point where her eyes would soon turn useless. She looked like a madwoman as she pointed and howled at the traffic policeman that came in to question them earlier. “That murderer who crashed into my son! I want him to pay with his life! Why is he still alive when my son’s injury is so serious?”

Yan Mingxiu’s injury was nothing short of grave—fractured bones, a ruptured liver, internal bleeding, and a broken vertebra. Whether he could or could not regain consciousness was a different question altogether.

Even if he could wake up again, he would likely never be able to stand upright again.

In short, the Yan family’s only son was completely done for.

For Ye Lingzhi, the psychological shock of the entire ordeal was as if she had been struck with a thunderbolt.

The traffic officer was annoyed and unable to do anything about it. He once again repeated, “Mrs. Yan, the cause of this accident was because your son ran the red light at high speed, completely disregarding traffic regulations. He crashed against a car that was going at an appropriate speed, and it is your son that has to bear the full blame.”

Deep down, the officer thought to himself, ‘It’s the SUV driver that’s being unjustly implicated in this, you know.’

Yan Songnan restrained the nearly-shrieking Ye Lingzhi. “My son’s always been fond of motorized vehicles. All these years, he’s never gotten into an accident. He’s never had any record of breaking the rules as well. I think there’s something fishy about this accident.”

The traffic policeman frowned. “If you don’t believe us, Mr. Yan, feel free to have a look at the traffic surveillance footage. We came to our conclusion based on this footage as well as the detailed investigations we’ve made at the site of the crash. We can’t help you if you insist on holding on to your opinion.”

Having expounded on the entire situation, the officer left.

A downcast look was present in each person’s faces.

Yan Songnan told Yan Mingzhu to bring Ye Lingzhi to rest.

Yan Ruke was silent throughout the entire sequence of events, but after the mother-daughter duo left, she asked, “Big Brother, has there been…any news about Yan Qingsi recently?”

The name made Yan Songnan’s forehead twitch wildly. “Why are you suddenly asking about her?”

Yan Ruke shook her head. “I don’t know. I just…feel like there’s something…really wrong about all this. The whole thing doesn’t seem right at all.”

Yan Songnan was incredibly jittery and depressed because of his son’s accident.

“Don’t you ever mention that bringer of bad luck ever again. Sooner or later I’ll make sure she’s dead. I’ll get someone to do a private investigation into whatever that’s fishy about Mingxiu’s traffic accident. And also…regarding Young Master Yue, you cannot let your relationship with him break off no matter what, and at the very least, you cannot let other people know about it. Do you understand?”

Yan Ruke gnashed her teeth. “I understand. I won’t just abandon this.”

It had been three years. She knew that her brother hired dozens of assassins, but…none of them had ever succeeded.

The unease in Yan Ruke’s heart began to increase…

Yan Qingsi was like a ticking time bomb embedded inside Yan Ruke’s heart. Once it exploded, it will obliterate Yan Ruke completely. Yan Qingsi had to die—only then can Yan Ruke be at peace.

In the afternoon, Yan Qingsi took a few shots for a magazine cover, then ate a simple dinner with Xiao Xu and Miss Mai.

The sky was turning dark, and Miss Mai told Xiao Xu to send Yan Qingsi back.

Just before they left, Miss Mai held Yan Qingsi’s hand. “Are you sure you don’t want to consider meeting Young Master Yue?”

“Of course I’m sure. I think I’m more knowledgeable when it comes to seducing men.”

Miss Mai was given a burn by those words. “Alright, go home then. Oh yes. Since you’re staying near King Jin, try getting to know him better.”

Yan Qingsi teased, “Aren’t you afraid that I might sleep with him?”

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