Chapter 557 - I Have No Requests Other Than Sleeping with You

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Chapter 557: I Have No Requests Other Than Sleeping with You

“Other than sleeping with me, I’ll agree to anything else.” Yan Qingsi did not hesitate at all. She was never an easy person anyway — although she always downplayed and demeaned herself, she had always held onto her boundaries. She never gave up on them, not even during the toughest times.

If she was asked before this, Yan Qingsi might have pretended to agree to it.

But now, she did not even bother to be perfect.

It was not about anyone else — it was because she was close to Mrs. Yue and she did not want to disrespect her like that.

“My condition is you sleep with me, I only have this request. If you want me to help then agree to it if not, don’t waste your time.”

Yan Qingsi was expressionless. She said, “I’ll tell you this as well, other than this, I’ll agree to anything.”

Luo Jinchuan laughed over the phone. This seemed like a joke to him. “This is hilarious, Yan Qingsi, even a woman as vile as you are actually learned about self-respect? I thought you’ll never know what shame is for the rest of your life.”

Yan Qingsi leaned against the bark of the tree. It was rough and uneven. She was wearing a thin piece of clothing in the summer, and it was starting to hurt. Yan Qingsi did not feel like moving. She looked at the one stalk of dandelion in the field of grass across her.

Yan Qingsi smiled as she said, “Yes, I’m an easy person, but it depends on who it is. It’s just that you’re not someone I would be easy for.”

Luo Jinchuan said sarcastically, “If it’s not me, is Yue Tingfeng one of them?”

A breeze brushed over the stalk of dandelion. Yan Qingsi said, “Yes… it’s him, not you, and it’ll never be you.”

Yan Qingsi was treating Luo Jinchuan differently than before. She used to be flirtatious with Luo Jinchuan back then. She always sounded seductive with her words — but today, it was as if she was talking to a stranger.

Her tone was cold, tense, and textbook-like — there were no emotions attached to it. One would feel shivers listening to her.

This was Luo Jinchuan’s first time hearing Yan Qingsi spoke to him like this. He realized that Yan Qingsi’s voice could actually be this cold. He said, “You’re asking me for help and you’re speaking to me like this? Yan Qingsi, where did your confidence come from? What makes you think I will help you?”

Yan Qingsi’s heart was empty. She did not want to talk to people like this. It was tiring and she felt so heavy that she could not lift her head up. Her voice became a weight so heavy that she could not let it out.

After some time, Yan Qingsi said, “I’m asking you for help and you’re allowed to name a price. To be really honest, this is a form of a deal. If you agree to it, you can say yes, if not, you can say no. It doesn’t seem like I’m begging you…”

Yan Qingsi initially thought that she had to make Luo Jinchuan agree to help her — her only hope was to get information about the mysterious person from Yan Mingzhu. However, after talking to Luo Jinchuan, Yan Qingsi felt that she might not be as stubborn about it as she thought she was!

No, it’s not that she wasn’t stubborn. She still wished to find out the truth. It’s just that she did not want to use a filthy trick to do so, and exchange her body for information.

If she had rejected Yue Tingfeng and Mrs. Yue’s care from day one and rejected their warmth and sincerity, maybe she would have said yes, because she did not care…

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