Chapter 558 - Yan Qingsi, Did You Fell In Love With Yue Tingfeng?

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Chapter 558: Yan Qingsi, Did You Fell In Love With Yue Tingfeng?

Since her mother’s death, it seems that Yan Qingsi had found someone she cared for again.

She could not let someone she cared for to get hurt again.

Yan Qingsi was a determined girl. If she had set out for revenge, nobody could stop her.

If she has decided to protect someone, nobody can hurt them.

Whoever that dared to hurt them, she will fight them with her life!

She must find out that person pulling the strings behind Yan Mingzhu. She would not rest in peace if she did not eliminate that person.

Yan Qingsi rejected without hesitation, causing Luo Jinchuan to feel as though he was slapped in the face. “Fine…Yan Qingsi, you are truly shameless…as though it was a natural thing for you.”

Yan Qingsi plucked a tuft of grass. “Thanks for your praises. I don’t see how I was shameless in a fair trade. Since you’re not interested, then I’ll just forget this ever happened. Goodbye.”

Yan Qingsi immediately cut off the call. She refused to believe that other than Luo Jinchuan, there were no other ways for her to fish out the one behind the scenes which Yan Mingzhu mentioned.

Yan Qingsi gritted her teeth. She had endured those hardships during her childhood, what was this in comparison?

Worse comes to worst she would just go back to those days where nobody loved her. Nothing to be worried about.

After rejecting Luo Jinchuan, Yan Qingsi’s mood improved slightly as she thought she did something right.

As she was standing up, her phone started to ring again. It was a call from Luo Jinchuan.

After some hesitation, Yan Qingsi placed the phone next to her ear, “Hello?”

Upon hearing Yan Qingsi’s sound, Luo Jinchuan gave out a bitter laugh on the other side of the phone. He was overseas. Outside his windows, it was already dark.

“What’s the issue.”

“…” Yan Qingsi was dumbfounded, unable to react properly to the situation, unsure of what Luo Jinchuan wanted.

Luo Jinchuan continued, “If you remain silent, then I’ll just treat it as I have never made this call.”

“Wait, I’ll tell you. I’m at Hai City shooting a movie. Two days ago, around four in the morning, Yan Mingzhu ambushed me at the hotel door, trying to kill me. I want you to ask Yan Mingzhu, who was the one who let her out of the asylum. Who was it…that sent her from Luo City to Hai City?” Yan Qingsi finished then the entire message in one breath.

Luo Jinchuan laughed at himself, “No wonder…no wonder you would call me up. Yan Qingsi, you’re really good, really good at using others.”

Yan Qingsi’s greatest weapon against Yan Mingzhu had always been Luo Jinchuan. Meanwhile, he, knowing full well of the situation still, willingly let her use him time and time again.

Luo Jinchuan could not even tell what his thoughts were of Yan Qingsi. Most likely the kind where the more he can’t have it, the more he wants it.

Luo Jinchuan asked Yan Qingsi suddenly, “Yan Qingsi, did you fell in love with Yue Tingfeng?”

Yan Qingsi looked over at the dandelion. It grew on the carefully curated lawn of the hospital. In others’ eyes, it would probably be treated as a weed. Perhaps it would be removed by someone very soon.

Yan Qingsi replied passively, “Maybe.”

Luo Jinchuan laughed out loudly. “How unexpected, for a cold-hearted woman like you to fall in love with someone. I really want to see what kind of an ending would you two have.”

“Whether we have a good ending or not are none of your concerns. What’re your conditions?”

If possible, she thought, she will work very hard to…

Luo Jinchuan said, “I’ll let you know when I figure it out.”

“Fine, if it’s something I don’t feel like doing or I can’t do, I won’t agree to it.”

“Yan Qingsi, sometimes your limits are quite funny.”

“I know, goodbye.” Yan Qingsi cut off the call then stood up while holding onto a tree.

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