Chapter 569 - You Definitely Cannot Marry This Sc*mbag

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Chapter 569: You Definitely Cannot Marry This Sc*mbag

“Mom, how could you make fun of your own son like that? Do you enjoy it that much?” Yue Tingfeng chuckled bitterly.

Mrs. Yue nodded her head. “Of course I enjoy it! I can only be like this to you now. You won’t be so nice to me once I’m all better.”

Yue Tingfeng sat down, settling himself into a posture that looked like he was about to have a heart-to-heart with Mrs. Yue.

“Mrs. Yue, can you not say such blatant lies? How do you find such a filial son like me anywhere? Don’t I treat you nicely enough on a normal basis? I always close an eye whenever you lose your gambling bouts. If I were another son with such a failed gambler of a mother, I would have long chased you out.”

Mrs. Yue tugged on Yan Qingsi, a pinched expression on her face. “Qingsi, just listen to him. Such an ungrateful son. He finally said what was really going on in his mind today. He never really liked me, he just wanted to chase me out. After all, I had done to raise him, he treats me this way! Qingsi, don’t marry such a sc*mbag.”

Yan Qingsi suppressed her laughter. Yue Tingfeng massaged his temples. “Mom, please stop misinterpreting statements. Besides… How could you say that about me?”

Yue Tingfeng realized that every time he stepped on his mother’s tail the slightest bit, she would return the jab with unprecedented viciousness.

What did she mean by ‘don’t marry such a sc*mbag’?

Could a mother truly say this? Did she not want her son to marry, to give her grandchildren?

“I did not misinterpret anything; I understand everything very well,” she huffed. “You little brat, you never thought that without me, would you be in this world? Without me, would you have what you have today? You would have long been screwed over by Yue Pengcheng and Ding Fu the shrew.”

“I own half the fortune of the Yue family. You have opinions on me losing my own money?”

Yue Tingfeng opened his mouth to say something, but Mrs. Yue did not give him a chance.

“You always bullied me, and you caused trouble for me. When you were still in school, you placed last in your entire form. You always skipped class and got into fights, and you were the subject of the notification of criticism. The teacher always spoke to me alone for an hour whenever there was a parent-teacher meeting. Do you have any idea how embarrassed I was? All the teachers, all the parents—they knew that Yue Tingfeng’s mother was lectured by the class teacher like a dog.”

Yue Tingfeng’s cheeks turned red. “Mom, it wasn’t that bad, was it? I managed to stay till I graduated afterward…”

“You still have the guts to talk back to me,” Mrs. Yue laughed. “If I hadn’t donated an entire library to your school, you would have been expelled long ago! Who would want you then?”

Yan Qingsi could not stifle her laughter anymore. Yue Tingfeng’s face burned when he heard that laughter.

Just over an hour ago, he had managed to catch this woman, who was just about to run away. He had thought that he had plenty of charm, plenty of masculinity.

However… he had not had his moment for over three seconds, and his mother…

Yue Tingfeng felt powerless.

“Mom…” Yue Tingfeng said with his face darkened.

Mrs. Yue shivered, finally realizing that she had—perhaps—vented a little too much on her son in one go. This was not good… What if she scared his fiancée away? If he did not give her next month’s pocket money, she would be in trouble.

She did not dare to look at Yue Tingfeng’s face. “Aiya, my…my wounds hurt a bit,” she sighed. “I’ll lie down for a while. Aiya, it hurts…”

Mrs. Yue clutched her stomach as she walked towards the bed.

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