Chapter 571 - Do Not Let Such a Witch Escape

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Chapter 571: Do Not Let Such a Witch Escape

“I don’t need it…” Yan Qingsi whispered.

Su Zhen thought of Yan Qingsi’s crazy actions. “Don’t think of using yourself as bait,” he said. “Our people will protect you from the shadows. You cannot refuse it—you’re a taxpayer, the police should protect you. We also will not simply stand by and watch when a crime takes place.”

Everyone looked at Su Zhen in shock.

Yan Qingsi was surprised. Su Zhen was such a dutiful police officer.

Yue Ting Feng, Mrs. Yue and Su Xiaosan were simply surprised that he spoke so much in one go.

It seemed like this was not the first time Su Zhen met Yan Qingsi, judging from his tone. Yue Tingfeng began to grow suspicious.

Su Zhen remained impassive, not caring about the looks everyone gave him. “Auntie, Big Brother can’t make it. Let me apologize for him. He’ll come back as soon as possible.”

Mrs. Yue waved a dismissal hand. “No, no. I know that he’s working and can’t come back whenever he likes. You make sure he takes good care of himself. He doesn’t need to worry about me. I only got slightly injured. It’s not like I’m dead and won’t come back.”

Among the six grandchildren in the Yue family, Mrs. Yue loved the eldest, Su Zhan the most. She had taken care of him for several years before she had gotten married, so she had the closest relationship with him.

Due to the special nature of Su Zhan’s work, however, he rarely went home, so the aunt and the nephew had not seen each other for a long time.

Su Zhen nodded. “Right. I’ll tell Big Brother.”

Mrs. Yue pulled Yan Qingsi over and said, “Little Two, this is Qingsi. Your sister-in-law. You must ensure her safety. I won’t be happy if anything happens to her in the territory under your jurisdiction.”

“Don’t worry, Auntie. Ensuring the safety of every citizen is the job of us police. We won’t let anything happen to her.”

“Then I can rest easy about it. Also, that criminal is extremely wicked. You can’t let her go just like that.”

There was a hint of a child in Mrs. Yue’s tone. A light smile cracked on Su Zhen’s stoic face.

Su Zhen bobbed his head. “Yes, Auntie. I won’t let her go so easily.”

The Su brothers stayed in the ward for an hour before they left. Mrs. Yue shooed both Yan Qingsi and Yue Tingfeng out of the room.

“Don’t stay here and disturb me anymore. Go back and freshen up before coming to see me again. I don’t want to see you in this horrendous state.”

The words irritated Yue Tingfeng. He only looked like this because he was taking care of her.

Still, Yue Tingfeng knew that Mrs. Yue had a warm heart beneath her cutting words. She wanted to get both of them to rest.

The four young people went down together, with Su Xiaosan and Su Zhen walking behind Yan Qingsi and Yue Tingfeng.

They saw Yue Tingfeng holding onto Yan Qingsi’s shoulder and refusing to let go the hold way.

Su Zhen was a police, and had received lessons on criminology. Yue Tingfeng’s body language showed his claiming of property—it was a sign of assertion of ownership.

They should have walked separately. Yue Tingfeng stopped Yan Qingsi. “Qingsi, wait for me for a bit,” he said. “I want to say a few words to Second Brother.”

Yan Qingsi nodded her head. “Okay…”

Yue Tingfeng grabbed the silent Su Zhen and dragged him to somewhere far away.

They left Yan Qingsi and Su Xiaosan behind. They felt awkward being alone.

“Miss Yan, it seems like you didn’t fulfil your promise,” Su Xiaosan said.

All the guilt in Yan Qingsi vanished when she heard that. It was as though she had suddenly returned to the mask of the feisty, fearless Yan Qingsi. She lifted her head. “That’s right. I didn’t fulfil my word,” she laughed. “My word has never been truly counted as a word.”

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