Chapter 6 - You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man (VI)

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Chapter 6: You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man (VI)

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Yan Qingsi slowly replied, “After all these years, have I ever told you that your shameless face disgusts me? It was all of you who caused my mother’s death and it was you who trampled on my happiness. Wherever did you get that self-confidence to think that your conscience is clear and that you’d come out of this unscathed? I’m telling you, Yan Songnan, since I lived a terrible life, I’ll make sure all of you will live a terrible life too.”

Yan Songnan was startled but he soon calmed himself down after braving the initial discomposure. He said with much aplomb, “Don’t cause any trouble. Mingzhu is in the hospital because of you. Don’t assume that whatever you have will be enough to threaten me. You’re still an amateur to be picking a fight with me. Considering the fact that we are of a father-daughter relationship, I can help you persuade the courts. Your jail time can be commuted by two years.”

Yan Qingsi burst out laughing. “Two years? Then what, I become a beggar? Do I look like someone’s who’s that short-sighted? Yan Songnan, you got married to my mother then tossed her aside and caused her death. You, out of all people, should know that I will become your debt when you decided to keep me in the family. As long as I’m alive, I’ll come after your whole family…”

She raised her voice and shouted, “I’m not striking a deal with you anymore. Officer, I have something to report…”

Yan Songnan’s heartbeats turned frantic when he heard that. “Shut up! Don’t think that I’m afraid of you.”

Yan Qingsi grabbed his shirt and replied fiercely, “I’ve endured so much in this family for so many years. What do you think I have with me? If you don’t believe me, try me. For example, your female secretary who went missing five years ago. Oh, and the box of mooncakes you gave to Mayor Wang autumn this year, I know what’s inside. I’m telling you, I don’t give a rat’s ass if I have to bring you down with me. If I’m going to die, you’ll die with me. Let no one be so foolish as to make a fool out of me.”

Yan Songnan was not about to take any risks while Yan Qingsi wanted her revenge regardless of the price she had to pay.

After swiftly considering the pros and cons, he said, “Okay. I promise I’ll get you out. But you have to promise me one thing too. Leave the country once you’re out of here. Never come back.”

Yan Qingsi glanced briefly at him and called out, “Officer, why aren’t you coming here…”

“Okay, you can’t come back within ten years. That’s all I’m giving you. Don’t be greedy.”

“Officer, I have something important.”

The officer came and asked impatiently, “What’s going on?”

Yan Songnan held Yan Qingsi. “How long do you want?”

“Three years at most…”

“No. That’s too short…”

Yan Qingsi shrugged her shoulders. “It’s up to you. I’m okay either way. I mean, I’m not the one who’s afraid of you.”

Yan Songnan gnashed his teeth and replied, “Fine, I agree. Give me five days.”

Yan Qingsi stood up. “You have a maximum of two days. After that, the deal’s off.”

She then turned to the officer and said, “You can send me back now.”

That night, the atmosphere within the Yan household’s living room was incredibly intense. All five people in the family rued that they were unable to skin Yan Qingsi alive.

Yan Qingsi had nothing to lose but the five of them were of prestigious social standing and could not put themselves at stake as Yan Qingsi did.

Yan Qingsi was a pain in the neck. She was not only unafraid of whatever scheme against her, but she would also find a way to drag the schemers down with her.

Ye Lingzhi gnashed her teeth. “So be it then if she wants three years. Three years is plenty of time for us to sort her out. We don’t need to be afraid of her if she tries something funny.”

Yan Mingzhu was so angry that she smashed the cup in her hand onto the ground. “Mom, you might as well make your move while she’s in jail. Let her die there so she’ll never come back to disgust us anymore.”

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