Chapter 616 - Are You Going to Run Away or Are You Waiting to Die?

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Chapter 616: Are You Going to Run Away or Are You Waiting to Die?

The fatso thought that Ye Shaoguang had no guts to ram into them. Once his eyes spotted the car zooming over, he was so scared that he shouted and turned around to try to run.

It was impossible, however, that his two legs were able to outrun four wheels.

Ye Shaoguang retained his cold expression and looked at the quietness before him. He pressed the gas pedal steadily and used one hand to steer the wheels. His other hand were nonchalantly placed on the backrest of the front passenger seat.

His expressions were incredibly calm, as though he was doing a normal, menial action. Menial it was, indeed.

With a thud, the impact sent the fatty flying about a meter away. He fell over and writhed about while screaming in agony.

He was not dead but was incapable of getting up. His legs were probably broken, as were his ribs.

The skinny one, who was still holding on to Ji Mianmian, was shell-shocked. He trembled and shouted, “Murder, murder… help…”

It was a racket inside the nightclub but deadly quiet outside, since the nightclub’s noise could not be heard from the alley.

No one lived in that area, so the skinny guy’s voice sounded exceptionally frail and isolated, sounding particularly miserable when paired with the fatty’s groans.

Ye Shaoguang shifted the gear to reverse and began backing up to the end of the road.

He said slowly, “Are you running? Or waiting to die?”

The skinny lad tossed Ji Mianmian and plopped himself on the floor, kneeling and begging for forgiveness.

“Spare me. Big Brother, spare me. I was blind. I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have touched your people. I beg you… spare me my life, please, I beg you.”

In the face of danger, one would always choose one’s own life over anything else.

The importance of dignity and riches would never be on the same level as the chance to breathe fresh air.

Ye Shaoguang began driving. He asked, “Tell me. What were you going to do to her?”

His voice sounded calm and chilly in the dark of night, with a distinct absence of oppressive force. Instead, it had the effect of soothing one’s feelings. No one would have imagined that he could do the kind of savage act he did just moments ago.

“We… We… saw that this girl had a good body, and was young too. We wanted to sell her off and get money in return. Big Brother, Big Brother… this is the first time we have done such a thing. I beg you. Please spare us. I’m begging you, please”

“We… we really needed the money, otherwise… otherwise, who would even do such a wicked thing?”

The man said that as though it was not a big deal. Ye Shaoguang nodded and tapped his finger on his chin. “You’re not wrong… it is really easy to lay your hands on such a stupid person. It’ll be very strange indeed if no one laid their hands on her.”

“Big Brother, Big Brother… I beg you. Forgive me this once. I won’t dare to do it again in the future.”

Ye Shaoguang chuckled. “You seem to be really familiar with your routine even though it’s your first time doing such a thing. It’s really… quite amazing coming from you. It’s like you’re perfectly suited to for this job.”

Ji Mianmian and Lil’ Xu attracted everyone’s attention as soon as they entered the nightclub. One look was all everyone needed to know that they were newbies. One could see the words ‘it’s my first time here’ written all over their face.

It would have been odd if no one had their eyes on those two newbies.

When Lil’ Xu went to the toilet, the woman bumped into him on purpose. She then seized the chance to bluff and made an unreasonable scene, following which Lil’ Xu would be forced to drink an obscene amount of alcohol. That was their modus operandi.

The woman was an accomplice of those two men. Criminal gangs that specialized in human trafficking usually divide each member’s tasks in a clear-cut manner.

They lingered constantly around the area, searching for young girls that they could prey on. Once a target was located, they would set their plan in motion. Ji Mianmian simply happened to be one of those girls that were made for an easy target.

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