Chapter 618 - I’m Not Even Done Playing with Her Yet, So Why Would I Let Any of You Touch Her First?

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Chapter 618: I’m Not Even Done Playing with Her Yet, So Why Would I Let Any of You Touch Her First?

Ye Shaoguang waited until the skinny man entered an alleyway before driving and following suit. He knew that human traffickers committed their crimes as a gang and had their own lair.

The skinny fellow was agile and reasonably smart. He seemed to occupy a rather high position within the gang itself. After making his escape earlier, his first reaction would probably be to head back to the gang’s den.

Ye Shaoguang maintained a distance from that person. The car Ye Shaoguang drove was You Xi’s car, which—having been modified by You Xi himself—was very quiet.

Ye Shaoguang was the kind of person who was hell-bent on smiting anyone who offended him. Throughout all the years, Ji Mianmian was the only exception.

As it happened, someone wanted to lay their hands on his sole exception. By his logic and emotions, even though he was predisposed to causing harm to the general masses, he had to be merciful to them by eradicating the criminal gang.

After all, Ji Mianmian was too big of a fool. Who knew if she might fall into their hands the second time?

If that happened, he did not know if he would save her again for the second time.

Perhaps he might get annoyed just by looking at her, feeling like it was such a drag to even pay any attention on her.

Ye Shaoguang looked at both sides of the alley. It seemed to be a tube-shaped apartment with many years of history. The pathway was narrow and there was a jumbled-up mess of electrical wires. The alley was dark, but there was one unit that was lit. Ye Shaoguang curled his lips after seeing it.

The skinny guy looked up at the lit window. Finally succeeding in running back, he stopped and wiped off the sweat on his forehead. Before he could finish exhaling completely, a bright light shone from behind all of a sudden.

With a press of the horn, the skinny man jumped in surprise and turned around immediately. He saw a familiar car parked behind him. An arm jutting out from the window, waving at him like an apparition that was going to snatch away his life at any given time.

The piercing bright lights shone on the skinny guy’s face, which looked distorted due to sheer fright. Bean-sized beads of sweat rolled down his forehead while his legs turned weak and his face turned pale. His mouth was open because he wanted to shout, but the car rolled over his body before his voice escaped.

Beneath the skinny man’s body was a pothole pooled with water. He was laying right above it while looking at the dark night sky. Blood was gushing out incessantly from his mouth.

At times, human life could be very frail, so frail that one would never expect oneself to die even when death came knocking.

In his blurry vision, a beautiful face appeared in front of the skinny man’s eyes. The face had snow-white skin and red lips, with eyes that were cold and indifferent as well as hair that was lusciously black.

Two strands of the person’s hair floated above his face. It was pretty, much prettier than any woman he had ever seen in his entire life.

The skinny man opened his mouth and tried to speak, but more blood began to flow out from his mouth. All he could do was listen to the beautiful person talk.

“How could you touch her? I’m not even done playing with her yet, so why would I let any of you touch her first?”

After he spoke, the skinny man’s head fell to one side and he stopped breathing completely.

As the smell of blood slowly began dissipating from the air, Ye Shaoguang remained there. He looked at the still-lit window and smiled.

Taking out his cellphone, his slender fingers dialed the numbers one-one-zero[1].

“Hey, I’m making a police report… I bumped into two men trying to take away a drunk girl in XX Bar. I suspect that they’re human traffickers. I knocked one of them over at the bar, then I chased the other one here…”

“Yes, I’m still here. I’ve found the criminal gang’s lair. The police should come here right now! I’ll keep watching here for the time being.”

[1] In case anyone needs a refresher, 110 is the number for police in China.

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