Chapter 65 - Who Would Want to Look at Yan Mingzhu When One Has Yan Qingsi?

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Chapter 65: Who Would Want to Look at Yan Mingzhu When One Has Yan Qingsi?

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Yan Qingsi curled her lips. “Jinchuan, who are you talking to on the phone? Don’t tell me it’s that annoying little girlfriend of yours? You told me that she isn’t worth a single strand of hair on my head. Didn’t you say you’d cut her off now that you have me? Why are you still answering her? Come and enjoy yourself with me!”

As soon as she finished her sentence, she made a run for it and jumped into her car before Luo Jinchuan managed to catch up.

Xiao Xu slammed his foot on the accelerator and sped away.

Yan Qingsi rolled down the windows, waved goodbye to Luo Jinchuan, and flipped the bird at him. She did not find it necessary to cover up the maliciousness in her eyes.

‘Kick up a storm, go ahead and kick it up good.’

Yan Mingzhu’s hissy fit gave him a headache as well as an agitated mind.

He narrowed his eyes and watched as the car left with Yan Qingsi in it. It was too late to chase after her even if he wanted to, and the chance to get Yan Qingsi slipped through his hands yet again.

Yan Mingzhu was still sobbing and shrieking into the phone. Her voice annoyed Luo Jinchuan.

He remarked coldly, “It’s late. I want to rest.”

“Luo Jinchuan, you’re going to f*ck that slut, aren’t you? How can you treat me like this? You’re not allowed to touch other women, and if you touch her, I’ll make sure you regret it…”

Yan Mingzhu was going ballistic at the other end of the line.

With a face full of exasperation and infuriation, Luo Jinchuan said, “I’ve already touched her. Yan Mingzhu, I’m breaking up with you. I’m fed up…”

He really was fed up!

He could still entertain Yan Mingzhu—albeit half-heartedly—when Yan Qingsi was not around.

With Yan Qingsi’s return and presence, however, he had absolutely no interest in Yan Mingzhu.

Yan Mingzhu’s voice was trembling hard. “Jinchuan… What did you say?”

“I’m breaking up with you! There’s nothing else to it.”

Luo Jinchuan hung up without hesitation and switched off his cellphone immediately after.

Looking at the entrance to the parking lot, he wondered why Yan Qingsi left without even getting the answer she wanted to hear. After all, she went to him because she wanted her role back.

She was not someone who would admit defeat so easily, unless perhaps…she had other plans?

At times, her cold-bloodedness was utterly terrifying, but despite having knowledge of that fact, he found her irresistible.

He wanted to see if she had anything else hidden up her sleeve!

Xiao Xu zoomed out of the parking lot and onto the highway, where Yan Qingsi proceeded to ask him, “Were the pictures you took clear?”

He handed the camera over to her. “Don’t worry. Take a look for yourself.”

Yan Qingsi held the camera and browsed through the images. In each of them, only Yan Qingsi’s back was visible. Even the sides of her face were covered by her hair, ensuring that she was completely unrecognizable. The same could not be said of Luo Jinchuan however, whose entire face was photographed with crystal-clear clarity.

Each photograph captured them hugging extremely intimately. A few even looked like they were kissing due to the angle. In short, they were all very juicy shots.

Satisfied, Yan Qingsi told him. “I’ll give you a bonus next time when I get rich.”

Yan Qingsi’s motive for finding Luo Jinchuan was to enact that scene. She did not expect his lust to blind him to the point where he would just agree to her demands.

Xiao Xu chuckled and said, “Thanks, Miss Qingsi.”

“Remember, you can’t tell anyone about this.”

Xiao Xu patted his chest. “Don’t worry Miss, I’ll keep it a secret.”

He sent her back to her apartment, leaving only after he saw her enter the house…

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