Chapter 665 - If You Love Her, Go Pursue Her

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Chapter 665: If You Love Her, Go Pursue Her

“Get in the car.”

Helan Fangnian was unsure if Yue Tingfeng or his sister was telling the truth.

He did not want to doubt his own sister, but he did not want to think that his good friend would be callous enough to let a person die.

However, the incident seemed rather suspicious.

Yue Tingfeng may be a person that does things that deviate from the norm, but he would not let someone die. However, his own biological sister… must he doubt her?

Along the way, Helan Fangnian asked, “Does mother know that you’re out so late?”

Helan Xiuse hesitated for a moment. “Mommy… she doesn’t know. I snuck out of the house. She probably thinks I’m in bed.”

“Don’t do this in the future. You’re a young lady. It’s dangerous out there.”

Helan Xiuse obediently nodded her head. “Mm, I won’t do that again…”

Awhile later, Helan Xiuse looked up at Helan Fangnian. “Brother, I feel that… Brother Tingfeng has changed so much. He was never like this. Is it… because, brother you… you like Sister Qingsi as well that this happened?”

Helan Fangnian scowled. “That’s not for you to worry.”

Helan Xiuse pouted. “Hmph, you always tell me not to worry, but I’ve grown up now. I’m no longer that little girl that only knows how to chase after you, asking for candy. Brother… you like Sister Qingsi, right?”

Helan Fangnian gripped the steering wheel tightly. “How did you know that?”

Helan Xiuse pointed at herself, saying, “I’m not stupid. I can tell with one look that you like her very much. You both… how did you meet? I’m curious.”

Helan Fangnian laughed at himself. He thought he had hidden it very well. Never did he expect his own sister to have seen through his deception.

“That’s the past. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Helan Xiuse harrumphed. “Brother, you’re saying that again. I’m your biological sister. Look at yourself, more and more gloomy recently. You lost so much weight compared to when you just came back. Brother… don’t torture yourself. I… and Mommy as well, we feel bad looking at you like this.”

Helan Fangnian let out another sigh. “I’m fine. At least by the way you define fine. It’s just that recently I’ve been more clear-headed.”

Helan Xiuse bit her lip. “Brother… if you really… really like Sister Qingsi that much, you should just pursue her. I’ll support you. I too… think that Sister Qingsi is quite nice. However, for some reason, Mommy seems to hate her.”

Helan Fangnian’s expression darkened. “Stop your foolish thoughts. They are getting along fine. For now, I… have no need to do such things.”

Helan Xiuse pouted. “Okay…”

As they arrived home, other than the maids on night duty, everyone else was sleeping.

“Quickly go take a shower and rest up. Don’t let Ma find out.”

Helan Xiuse gave Helan Fangnian a quick hug and let him go. “Mm, brother treats me the best in the whole family.”

“Just go.”

Helan Xiuse let go of Helan Fangnian and rushed upstairs happily. She carefully opened the bedroom door, just to see someone sitting in the room. Helan Xiuse’s heart skipped a beat.

Helan Xiuse’s smile faded in an instant, and she lowered her head. “Mom… Mommy…”

Mrs. Helan stood up. “How did it go?”

Helan Xiuse shook her head. “Mommy… it won’t work, it’s useless. He won’t fall for it… these methods… won’t work on him…”

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