Chapter 666 - He Never Even Touched Me

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Chapter 666: He Never Even Touched Me

Helan Xiuse recalled Yue Tingfeng’s behavior, then added, “Mommy, Yue Tingfeng is not one to show kindness to a woman. He is cruel. Moreover, he already has Yan Qingsi. He… seems to like her… he seems to be really into Yan Qingsi…”

Helan Xiuse retold the incident at the Jade Orchid Pavilion to Mrs. Helan. “Ma, it’s useless. From the beginning to the end, he didn’t even touch me. I… am not as pretty as Yan Qingsi.”

Mrs. Helan sneered. “Hmph, there are no cats in this world that reject fish. Never expect a man to be loyal. This is just the beginning of the test. It would seem that this kid is hard to bait.”

Mrs. Helan caressed her gently. “Xiuxiu, you must trust Mommy. For women to ensnare a man, it’s never about appearance.”

Helan Xiuse frowned. “He doesn’t like me. If he doesn’t like me, I can’t get close to him at all.”

“I’m not asking for him to like you. All we need is just for you to marry into the Yue family.”

Mrs. Helan touched her daughter’s face. “The most important thing for a woman is marriage. Who you marry is not important. The only thing that matters is the status that comes with that marriage, which will provide you with money and power.”

“Yue Tingfeng is the most suitable person that Mommy has picked for you. In Luo City, the Yue family reigns supreme. He has no siblings to fight for the inheritance. Su Ningmei… is a numbskull, inconsequential. If you marry into the Yue family, you won’t need to worry about anything.”

The crux of the matter was that with her daughter marrying into Yue family, she, as the mother-in-law will be in power. Her daughter could not manage a business and Su Ningmei was an idiot. With that, she could slowly extend her reach into the Yue Clan’s businesses.

With the tycoon, Yue Clan, as her financial backing, she would have nothing to worry about.

As for Su Ningmei, Mrs. Helan still thought of her as someone insignificant.

Helan Xiuse swallowed her saliva. “Mommy, but I… I’m still young…”

Mrs. Helan touched her face saying, “You’re already of legal age. What’s with this ‘still young’? It’s because you are young that we have time to plan these things.”

“Xiuxiu, just listen to me. Mommy will give you the best. I will let you live the rest of your life without worries.”

Helan Xiuse lowered her head. “Mm…”

Ye Shaoguang went to You Xi’s mansion again after leaving the hospital. He forgot to clear the trails left behind by Yan Qingsi.

Ye Shaoguang got rid of Yan Qingsi’s hair, mopped the floor, then fumigated the room with air freshener. He only left after he made sure that there were no clues left.

When he got back to the hotel, pushing open his room door, he saw that Ji Mianmian had fallen asleep by the door in a squatting position. Her face had streaks of dried tears. The room’s central air conditioning was at 22 degrees, causing her to shiver.

Ye Shaoguang frowned. This moron…

He was already speechless.

Ye Shaoguang bent over and carried Ji Mianmian to the bed. He took off her shoes and tucked her in.

Ji Mianmian was deep in slumber. Her eyelids moved but remained closed.

Ye Shaoguang sat by the bedside, looking at the time. It was already past 3 a.m. It looked like he would not be getting proper sleep that night.

Ye Shaoguang stared at Ji Mianmian deep in her slumber and sighed. ‘What should he paint tonight?’

He toiled for half the night, yet it did not benefit him in any way. The old Ye Shaoguang would have never helped anyone without benefit.

Ye Shaoguang threw a look at Ji Mianmian, then suddenly burst into laughter.

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