Chapter 69 - My Dear Little Brother, Big Sis Is Here to See You

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Chapter 69: My Dear Little Brother, Big Sis Is Here to See You

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Glancing briefly at Yue Tingfeng, Yan Qingsi remarked, “Since you’re pretty interested about today, Mr. Yue, I might as well let you in on another mutual secret!”

She may not be able to kill him but the least she could do was prevent him from threatening her all the time.

Considering the fact that he already knew one secret, then she might as well let him in on another one, therefore altering his status from a witness to an accomplice.

Yan Qingsi always lived by one rule, that is, if she had to suffer, then the other party must not have it easy too.

Yue Tingfeng showed such an interest that it only seemed right for her to drag him down with herself.

He cocked a brow and replied, “Sure!”

Deep in his heart, he felt a tiny thrill. It was an indescribable feeling, similar to the exhilaration he felt when committing misdeeds during his student days.

Off to the hospital, he drove.

There were few people in the hospital past midnight, so it was quiet and spooky. The smell of disinfectant could be picked up by the nose even from some distance away.

Yan Qingsi hopped off the car and went straight into the building where the ward was located.

Yue Tingfeng pulled her arm. “Are you really going to just go in like this?”

“Do I look that stupid to you?” Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes.

Dodging the surveillance cameras, the two of them sneaked into the hospital’s shift room, where the nurses were all sleeping soundly. Yue Tingfeng could see first-hand how easily Yan Qingsi unlocked the wardrobe. She then took out a large white coat and a nurses’ uniform.

“Change,” Yan Qingsi said at the ladies’ room.

Yue Tingfeng refused. “I never wear clothes from another person.”

He had no idea which doctor it was that wore those clothes before, not to mention what kind of person that doctor was. Yue Tingfeng would never use something that someone else had used before.

“Is that so?” Yan Qingsi smiled.

The next moment, Yan Qingsi turned around and opened the tap. On one side there was a cup which had been thrown away for God-knows-how-long. She took that cup, filled it with water, then splashed it on Yue Tingfeng.


She put down the cup and lifted up the coat. “You have come so far today, you will wear this whether you like it or not.”

Since he was already there with her that day, she insisted on dragging Yue Tingfeng down with her.

He could keep dreaming if he wanted to stay out of it.

Yue Tingfeng stared at his sopping-wet shirt and looked at Yan Qingsi. He suddenly began to wonder if Yan Qingsi was bringing him down the gutter with her.

He raised his eyebrow and asked, “Are you going to help me put it on?”

Under the light, his smile was brazenly malicious. Soaked though he was, he still kept his composure. People like him did actually exist on the face of the earth—regardless of what kind of situation they were in, they always looked breathtakingly majestic.

One look at his radiant face and Yan Qingsi began to feel a little itch. “I’m much more used to taking off clothes rather than putting some on.”

Yue Tingfeng’s face inched closer. “Taking off clothes is much better of course. There’s no one else here!”

The insinuation was readily understood—he simply stopped short of saying ‘let’s do it right now!’

Yan Qingsi swatted away his oncoming hand and said, “Alright, I’ll help you put it on…”

He lifted his arms and allowed her to dress him up in the clothes.

“Let’s go, CEO Yue!”

They both went out right after putting on their surgical masks.

Yue Tingfeng walked ahead of her without even avoiding the surveillance cameras. In the dead of night, no other sound was present except for their footsteps.

Reaching the ICU successfully, she tore down her mask to reveal her nefarious smile.

She dragged Yue Tingfeng in with her.

On the sickbed lay Yan Mingxiu, whose eyes were closed shut. His face was pale and had an oxygen mask put over it.

Yan Qingsi stretched her hand and caressed Yan Mingxiu’s face lovingly. Then came her tender voice. “My dear little brother, big sis is here to see you.”

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