Chapter 70 - Run, For the Misdeed Is Done

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Chapter 70: Run, For the Misdeed Is Done

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That crisp sound was produced by Yue Tingfeng slapping away Yan Qingsi’s hand.

“The hell are you touching him for? Watch out for infections.”

Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes at him. She took out a loaded hypodermic needle and gave it to Yue Tingfeng. “Do it.”

Stunned, he asked, “What’s this for?”

He knew full well that it was for Yan Mingxiu but he was also aware that it was not something beneficial.

Yan Qingsi shot him a glance. “You don’t need to care so much. It’s not to kill him, it’s just to make him sleep forever without waking up.”

If something happened to Yan Mingxiu, it would be a crushing blow to the Yan family.

The first step in her quest for revenge was to dispose of Yan Mingxiu. Since the plan was already well underway, there was no turning back anymore.

Yue Tingfeng saw how stony and devoid of emotion her eyes were.

He pulled Yan Qingsi into his embrace and said, “Dragging me down with you?”

Both of them wore masks, so the eyes were the only visible feature on their faces. Their pupils were darker than ever but Yan Qingsi giggled suddenly. She placed both arms over his neck and asked, “What else do you think it could be? So, are you doing it?”

Yue Tingfeng’s graceful fingers fiddled with the needle. “What will I get in return tonight if i did it?”

She responded by raising her brow and saying, “How about I spend the night with you?”

All of a sudden, he lowered his head and kissed her lips. Despite being separated by the masks, it was like he could feel the heat coming from those lips.

He released her and said, “Sure…”

Yan Qingsi watched as he stuck the needle into Yan Mingxiu’s arm. As the fluid began draining from the barrel, the delight in her eyes grew even more.

He removed the needle and said, “It’s done. I’m now considered an accomplice in murder. I suppose you now have peace of mind.”

Yan Qingsi turned toward Yan Mingxiu and said, “So long, my dear little brother! May you continue to sleep like this for all eternity.”

Yue Tingfeng frowned then dragged her out by the arm.

“You’ve done something bad and yet you’re still not making the run for it. You’re committing crimes like an idiot. If it wasn’t for me, wouldn’t you have been arrested long ago?”

Yan Qingsi snickered.

The only reason he had information which could be used against her was that she had the bad luck of bumping into him.

Once out of the room, the safest exit was after a turn just up ahead. Hearing a nurse doing her rounds, Yue Tingfeng grabbed Yan Qingsi immediately and hid at the next-door ward.

He pulled her out only when the coast was clear.

In between moments of concealing their presence, they finally managed to return to the shift room. The nurse that was sleeping earlier was gone, giving them time to shed the clothes and place them back where they came from.

Finally, they exited the hospital and got into the car, where Yan Qingsi looked at Yue Tingfeng and exclaimed, “You seem to be quite familiar with your way around the place. You must’ve done plenty of bad things too!”

Yue Tingfeng drove the car with one hand and held Yan Qingsi hand with the other. “Why, yes. I can do things that are even worse. Would you like to try?”

“I won’t stop you if you really wish to dig your own grave.”

Yan Qingsi no longer felt a need to avoid Yue Tingfeng. ‘Police reports? Threats? Hehe… His sorry a*s is already an accomplice.’ There was nothing else for her to fear.

Back at Yue Tingfeng’s private residence, the sky was already starting to get bright.

Yue Tingfeng pressed her onto the door as soon as they entered. The madness he went through that night made him excited to eat up Yan Qings, that vixen of a girl.

He fancied himself mentally ill for he had done all those things just to help that woman!

Yan Qingsi put a finger to Yue Tingfeng’s nearing lips, smiling resplendently. “I said I’ll spend the night with you but it’s already bright, isn’t it? There’s not a single f*cking reason for me to continue being here.”


PS: Our Si Er says that she’s always the one doing the eating, so there’s no logic in her being eaten!

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