Chapter 757 - Do You Want to Do Bad Thing Together?

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Chapter 757: Do You Want to Do Bad Thing Together?

“I… I’m s-sorry…” the fatty immediately apologized.

“Qingsi… if… if we go by f-family seniority, I… I’m still your uncle. We’re family. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have said any of those crazy stuff. Forgive me. I beg you, forgive me…”

Yan Qingsi’s lips twisted into a mirthless smile. It seemed that… he knew everything. Yet although he knew who she was, he still dared to slander her so. Seriously… he deserved to be punished!

Ye Shaoguang walked over and ducked his head. “My cousin isn’t the best with words, Uncle You. If he offended you somehow, please forgive me. I apologize in his stead.”

The fatty on the floor was Ye Shaoguang’s cousin brother, Ye Weiguang. His eldest uncle’s son did not inherit the uncle’s incredible wit; instead, Ye Weiguang turned out to be as stupid as a pig. He was stupid and perverted, and… the worst part was that he had no spine of his own.

You Yi still did not alleviate the pressure off his leg. “You shouldn’t be apologizing to me.”

Ye Shaoguang looked at Yan Qingsi. “I sincerely apologize to you.”

Yan Qingsi gave a cursory glance at the fatty on the floor, who was practically wheezing, his face purpling at the neck. “I don’t accept any apologies from your family,” she said.

She would never accept a single apology from the Ye family.

Everything the Ye family owed her, everything they took from her mother—she wanted it all back.

“Let him go,” Yan Qingsi told You Yi.

This was not the best place to create a scene.

You Yi released Ye Weiguang. “Let’s go,” he said to Yan Qingsi.

Ye Shaoguang’s forehead creased into a frown at the sight of the two leaving together.

Yan Qingsi was with You Yi. How did they know each other? They were definitely strangers back in Hai city, but now they seemed to have an unbreakable bond between them.

Someone like You Yi actually fought on behalf of Yan Qingsi. He did not care if he made an enemy of the Ye family for her. This was… unimaginable.

Ye Weiguang grasped his throat and coughed. “F*ck that b*tch. Acting all high and mighty just because she’s got a sugar daddy from the You family… Just you wait. I’ll… I’ll kill you…”

Ye Shaoguang wanted to advise him to not kill himself in the process.

Yet looking at his cousin’s pig face made him suddenly felt that it was not too bad of an outcome if he did kill himself in the process.

As You Yi and Yan Qingsi walked out of the club, You Yi said, “I’ll make them pay for humiliating you today.”

“It’s nothing. I’m used to it.”

You Yi felt a small stab in his heart. He wanted to pat Yan Qingsi’s head but decided against it. “If you’re ever humiliated in any way, or suffered in any way,” he said, “Tell me.”

“I can take care of myself,” Yan Qingsi replied.

You Yi knew that Yan Qingsi would not accept an outsider’s offer to help within such a short period of time. She was an independent girl, after all.

“I’ll be leaving first, then. I’ll be back in a few days.”

Yan Qingsi nodded her head. “See you then.”

A faint smile traced Yan Qingsi’s lips as she watched You Yi leaving, the membership card in her hand.

She turned around and looked at the club behind her. A wry laugh escaped her mouth.

She had suffered so much all these years, but it was all right. She would make all of them pay.

Perhaps she would have let everything slide if Ye Weiguang was not a Ye, but… he had to be a Ye. He just had to sign his own death certificate. Too bad for him.

Yan Qingsi got onto the car and called Yue Tingfeng.

The phone rang just once before he picked up the call. “Hello?”

“Are you busy today?” Yan Qingsi asked immediately.

“Nope. Do you want something from me?” Yue Tingfeng answered without hesitation.

“Oh yes.”

“Tell me. I will heed your every order, my princess.”

Yan Qingsi craned her head to look out of the window. A wicked light sparked in her eyes. “Do you want to do bad things with me?”

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