Chapter 809 - The Dogged Fighting Spirit of That B*tch

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Chapter 809: The Dogged Fighting Spirit of That B*tch

If Zhang Suya had not shot herself in the foot and angered Mrs. Yue today, he would not have known anything until the day he died. He would have been supporting someone else’s child until his dying day, supporting a paramour.

Helan Mingde had believed Zhang Suya wholeheartedly then. Now he hated her—he hated her so much that he wanted to kill her in the cruelest way possible. He had been played by this b*tch for thirty years—thirty years!

With all the anger and hatred in him, Helan Mingde was beginning to think that Helan Xiuse did not resemble him at all when he looked at her. The more he looked, the more he thought she did not resemble him—the more he felt that this was definitely not his daughter. She was a baseborn child!

Helan Xiuse saw Helan Mingde’s vicious eyes and felt as though he would murder her in the very next second.

“Dad…Dad…I’m your daughter,” she said hurriedly, enduring the pain. “Did you forget that we have the same blood type? I’m A-type. You even gave your blood to me.”

Helan Mingde paused for a moment.

“Hah. A-type? So what?” a nosy man chuckled immediately. “Maybe your wife’s man is A-type too? There are so many A-type men in the world. Are they all her father? Then I’m one of them too.”

“Blood type isn’t the key to verifying paternity—it’s DNA.”

“That’s right. I’m an A-type too.”

“Shut up. Shut up…” Helan Xiuse shrieked, crying.

Tears streaked her entire face. “Dad…I know that I look disagreeable to you now, I know that you’re angry, but…But please calm down. I’m begging you. Don’t let yourself be controlled by rage. Everybody said that brother looks just like you when you were younger. Did you forget? My brother has always been your son.

“Mom is clever. If she could think of a way to get rid of her first child, which was not your child, why would she let a child that wasn’t yours stay in the Helan family? If she did, wouldn’t she have planted a ticking time bomb for herself? Mom wouldn’t do this. She wouldn’t be so stupid…”

There was logic in Helan Xiuse’s words. It stunned Helan Mingde for a moment.

“It’s okay if you suspect me,” Helan Xiuse continued quickly. “I won’t blame you. You’ll always be my dearest Dad. But…Dad, I can’t go along with you. I can’t take these false accusations. I’ll prove my innocence to you.”

She turned her head. Her bloodshot eyes were as vicious as a vengeful ghost’s. She glared at everyone, then she focused her attention on Yan Qingsi. “All of you are the instigators of my death,” she said. “I’ll never forgive you even if I become a spirit…”

When she was done, the crowd watched as Helan Xiuse grabbed a dagger-like shard of glass from the floor, clenched her teeth, and drew a deep line over her wrist.

The crowd gasped in shock. No one could imagine that Helan Xiuse would slit her wrists to commit suicide, especially when killing oneself was not easy to do.

Helan Xiuse cried silently. Her tears rolled down in big, fat drops. “Dad…I’ll use my death to prove their lies to you,” she said. “I’m really your daughter. I’m not lying to you…”

Bright red blood flowed out of the deeply cut wrist.

Yan Qingsi narrowed her eyes. She would survive because she cornered herself into this situation. She actually dared to do this to herself. Helan Xiuse was even more vicious than her mother!

From her actions today, her plans and her schemes, she was probably a cut above even Mrs. Helan. She had always pretended to be idiotic, innocent. She was actually a top-notch wolf clothed in sheep’s clothing.

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