Chapter 810 - If You Want to Commit Suicide, Go and Cut Your Throat

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Chapter 810: If You Want to Commit Suicide, Go and Cut Your Throat

She watched as Helan Mingde’s expression morphed from wrathful to anxious, and she knew that Helan Xiuse had succeeded. It seemed that putting your life on the line and pretending to be weak was useful no matter when and where.

The curtains fell on today’s raucous play, then.

If they continued, everyone would say that the Yue family was not sympathetic at all, driving a young girl to death. If they continued, the Yue family would plummet from the peak they had climbed onto. They needed to stop right there.

Helan Xiuse used her own life to put an end to the drama for the night. That was because she knew that no one in the crowd would let her die. Besides, she cut her wrists, not her neck. No matter how sharp glass was, it was duller than a knife. The wound was not deep; it was just shocking to look at.

She had enough time to be sent to the hospital with that rate of blood loss.

Yan Qingsi rubbed her fingers together. This little girl’s plan was not to be underestimated.

It was rare to find someone in this world who had the daring and ability to slit their own wrists. It required pure guts, and not many people in the world had that courage.

Helan Mingde watched Helan Xiuse’s wrists bleeding all over the floor. Her face was white, and her body swayed. She called out for him weakly, then collapsed.

This was still his daughter. He had loved her for so many years.

Helan Xiuse’s actions and the blood flowing out of her wrists successfully swayed Helan Mingde. “You – you— Xiuxiu…Call—call an ambulance…”

“If you really want to commit suicide, cut your throat,” a cold voice rang out in the midst of the cacophony. “Cutting your wrists? You might as well have said, ‘Save me! I’m dying!’ since you cut yourself in front of so many people.”

The moment he finished talking, it was as if a knife had landed right in front of Helan Xiuse.

Yue Tingfeng looked over. He saw Ye Shaoguang retracting his hand, his foot still on Yue Pengcheng, preventing him from speaking or escaping.

Meanwhile, Helan Xiuse’s trembled slightly. She closed her eyes tighter.

Yan Qingsi chuckled wryly. She still had a ways to go before she mastered the art of fainting convincingly.

Helan Mingde clenched his hands into fists. “Ye Shaoguang, I’ve never had any animosity with the Ye family. My daughter is like this now. What more do you want? She’s just a girl. Are you telling me that you’ll be happy only if she dies in front of you?”

“You should get a paternity test before claiming that this is your daughter,” Ye Shaoguang said sardonically.

Helan Mingde gritted his teeth. All his reputation was destroyed today. Although he was unsure if this was really his daughter, he… No matter what, he could not let the child he had raised for more than a decade die here.

Even if this was not his daughter and he wanted to disown her, he needed to wait for the results of the paternity test.

Yan Qingsi noticed that Mrs. Yue had paled, and worry had set in her eyes. “Don’t worry, Auntie,” she said. “She won’t die. She’s just putting up an act. This little brat is even harder to handle than her mother.”

Mrs. Yue let loose a breath. She hated Mrs. Helan with all her body and soul, but she still did not want to see any lives being lost.

She was not the police, she was not a judge—she had no authority to sentence someone to death.

Perhaps it was for the best that today’s turn of events forced Helan Xiuse to show her true colors.

Yue Tingfeng latched onto Mrs. Yue’s shoulder. “Mom, there’s no need to worry about these sorts of people. They court death themselves anyway.”

Mrs. Yue cast a glance over the unconscious Mrs. Helan and Yue Pengcheng. “Then what about these two? We can’t…just let them go, right?’

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