Chapter 818 - I Will Have No Regrets if I Can See My Brother Once

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Chapter 818: I Will Have No Regrets if I Can See My Brother Once

“All right. I understand, Chairman.”


Helan Fangnian’s voice rang out from behind.

“Where have you been?” Helan Mingde snapped, glaring at him now.

“Young master,” his secretary cried out.

“Go,” Helan Mingde told him.

The secretary nodded his head. He quickly stuffed two tubes of blood samples into his work bag before leaving.

Helan Fangnian saw the action very clearly but did not say anything about it. “I’m sorry, Dad,” he said, “I shouldn’t have left today…”

“You—” Helan Mingde wanted to give Helan Fangnian a good scolding, but his anger immediately dissipated at the sight of his son, the spitting image of himself when he was younger. This was his real son.

When he thought about it, Helan Mingde felt that it was right for Helan Fangnian to have left the event earlier. If he had to listen to everything himself and find out that his mother had been having an affair all these years—find out that she was such a shameless woman… He would fall into despair.

The truth could not be hidden forever. However, it was still better than being publicly embarrassed at dinner. He had felt like he had been forced to strip in front of everyone. At least the initial impact for Helan Fangnian would be softened.

Helan Mingde waved a hand. “Never mind. It’s good that you left.”

“How are Mom and Xiuxiu?”

“Hmph. They have nine lives,” Helan Mingde harrumphed indignantly. “They’re not dead.”

“I’ll go in and take a look.”

Helan Fangnian pushed the door open and saw Helan Xiuse in the ward, sprawled over the sickbed. A thick layer of bandages was wrapped over her left wrist. Her face was so pale that her lips were nearly the same color as her skin. Her forehead creased into a frowned, as though she was in pain.

Helan Xiuse had a small face and a pointy chin. She looked so frail and weak that she seemed pitiful.

This appearance made it hard to believe that she was that very same person, that scheming lady.

Helan Fangnian had thought that he knew his sister well enough. She was innocent, always clinging onto him and calling out his name.

Now though, Helan Fangnian was not sure of that anymore.

At least, now he knows that his sister’s innocent behavior was probably just a facade.

Helan Fangnian had long noticed that Helan Xiuse had changed since his return to the country. However, her countenance around him made him believe that their mother had forced her into doing things.

Yet that was far from reality.

Helan Xiuse’s eyelids flickered, then she opened her eyes. She was awake. She had been awake for a long time now—long enough to eavesdrop on the conversation between Helan Mingde and his secretary. Panic bubbled in her, but she did not know what to do.

Then she heard Helan Fangnian arriving, and she had a flash of inspiration. Perhaps she could think of a way out by using him.

Helan Xiuse opened her eyes and looked at Helan Fangnian. Tears immediately streamed down her face.

“Brother… Brother, why are you only… here now…” she said, voice hoarse and grieved, “When I was forced to commit suicide, I kept thinking that I would have no regrets if I could see you just one more time, even if I had to die this way… Brother… Am I dreaming now? Is this a dream?”

Helan Xiuse’s voice was trembling and rough when she spoke, fat tears rolling down her cheeks. Anyone would have sympathy for her and feel that she was just a young girl who had been bullied around.

A storm of emotions raged in Helan Fangnian. “It’s not a dream,” he said, “I’m here.”

This was the sister he had loved for so many years, but she… had been raised crookedly by his mother.

Helan Fangnian’s heart resembled a crumpled paper that could never return to its original state now matter how hard he tried to smooth it out.

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