Chapter 828 - A B*tch will Get Tortured by Another B*tch

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Chapter 828: A B*tch will Get Tortured by Another B*tch

Mrs. Helan got even angrier when she heard this. She threw out the arm that had a cast wrapped over it. That one fling knocked the bowl of chicken soup out of Li Jingyi’s hands. “B*tch, b*tch… B*tch…” she snarled, “Get out of here. So long as I’m here—so long as I still live, don’t even think about getting into the Helan family.”

The chicken soup spilled all over Li Jingyi’s arms. Her white, smooth skin blistered red immediately. The chicken soup had been kept hot and fresh very well.

Li Jingyi flinched at the burns, but she did not move from her spot. “Sis… I think I’ll disappoint you,” she said, voice trembling from the pain, “Because I… I’m already staying in the Helans’ house.

“If you don’t believe me… You can ask Mingde. Mingde even said that he’ll help our child transfer schools tomorrow so that he can be like Fangnian. He’ll study in the same school. Then he can be just as awesome as his brother. That’ll be nice.”

With those words, Mrs. Helan was so furious that she nearly stopped breathing, her eyes rolling backward. She almost died of rage.

“Helan Mingde, you… You… b*stard!” Mrs. Helan screamed, “You get here now… Come here. How can an illegitimate child… ever be compared to my son…”

Li Jingyi saw the blisters on her arms worsening. “Don’t be angry, sis,” she said, smiling, “My Little Xuan may be young, but he is an actual descendent of the Helan family. Since I can see your children as my own, I also hope… that you can see my son as your own, sis…”

A vein throbbed at Mrs. Helan’s forehead. “B*tch, b*tch…You vixen… Don’t be delusional. Don’t even think about comparing your son to mine in this lifetime… Such a b*tch giving birth to a b*stard—and you even dream of becoming a Helan… You…”

The corners of Li Jingyi’s mouth curved upwards. “I don’t think that’s possible, sis. Little Xuan and I have already moved into the Helan family estate, and… we’re not moving out.”

“I think it’s you who has to move out, sis. We have already moved in, and it’s getting a little tight with so many people. Can I trouble you… to move out for a bit? It’s for our good, sis. Little Xuan is a child. He can’t take too much stress. I think you’ll understand, Sis. Am I right?”

“You f*cking harpy. You still want to fight with me… Just see if I don’t kill you and that stupid b*stard son so thoroughly that no one will know how you two died!” Mrs. Helan lay there, unmoving, but she was already devising ways to get rid of Li Jingyi and her b*stard child. She truly regretted not acting sooner, for not killing them earlier.

Li Jingyi gave a demure smile. “Of course you wouldn’t, once upon a time but now… Mingde is on my side. Sis, you… should know your place. Otherwise, if I’m not happy, maybe I’ll even make Mingde retract your living expenses…”

Li Jingyi’s words reached the height of provocation.

A mistress was telling the official wife that she should not be too arrogant. If she was arrogant, then the source of her bread and butter would be cut off!

This would make any first wife who was still officiated on paper extremely wrathful—so furious that she would want to vomit all her organs out.

Mrs. Helan’s sense of logic had nearly been depleted by the police earlier. Li Jingyi did not give Mrs. Helan any time to cool down, who was so irate that she could speak a single word. She instantly leaped onto her feet as if she had forgotten the pain on her arms. She knocked into the table with a dreadful crash, spilling the chicken soup all over the floor. A few drops of soup splashed onto Li Jingyi’s legs.

Footsteps sounded from outside afterward. As if she were a vase that had been knocked over, Li Jingyi immediately fell onto the floor, bowing her head and crying silently.

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