Chapter 830 - I Have to Leave This Marriage

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Chapter 830: I Have to Leave This Marriage

Li Jingyi was still sitting on Zhang Suya. Embarrassment and guilt were painted all over her expression. “Mingde, help pull me up,” she said, face red, “The floor is too slippery. I can’t stand up…”

Helan Mingde hurriedly tugged on her arm, so happening to clamp his fingers around her burned arm. “It hurts!” Li Jingyi cried out in pain.

Helan Mingde quickly let her go. Li Jingyi fell back with a thump. Zhang Suya’s body, even in her unconscious state, spasmed with pain.

Li Jingyi’s face was so red that it resembled a tomato. He looked at Helan Mingde shamefacedly. “Oh no, Mingde. Now I’ve sat on Sis… until she fainted. I… I—She definitely thinks that I did this on purpose. Mingde, call for help!”

“Get up first. This has nothing to do with you. She got what she deserved.” Helan Mingde quickly pulled Li Jingyi up, avoiding the burn wounds.

Li Jingyi scrubbed her tears away. “She’s already fainted. I should go look for a doctor first. What if her condition worsens?”

“Hmph. She deserves to die,” Helan Mingde chuckled humorlessly, “This b*tch should have died long ago.”

“Don’t say things like that. She’s still your wife. She’s the matron of the Helan family. No matter what happened between you two, you can’t… curse her to death. Go and call for a doctor. I don’t even dare to touch her in this state.”

“She won’t be the matron of the Helan family soon,” Helan Mingde said roughly.

A light flashed in Li Jingyi’s eyes. “Mingde, there are some things that I–I don’t know how to put it. Sis has been in the Helan family for so many years, and she is your wife of thirty years,” she said, “You can’t get rid of your feelings in a snap. Even if she didn’t contribute much, she worked hard. You always have lovers outside. If it weren’t for Sis, your family would have been chaotic a long time ago. You… better reconsider your decision.”

Zhang Suya understood Helan Mingde, and so did Li Jingyi.

Now was the time that Helan Mingde hated Zhang Suya the most. If she adds fuel to the fire, it could make Helan Mingde hate Zhang Suya even more and she would get what she wants.

However, when Helan Mingde’s rage had dissipated, when he had cooled down, he would start to contemplate everything properly. He would remember what she had done in the past and how she added fuel to the fire. Then he would feel that she was actually not any better than Zhang Suya.

Besides, Helan Fangnian was Zhang Suya’s son. This son of hers was not hers, and it was not Helan Mingde’s. No matter what happened to Zhang Suya, Helan Fangnian’s place in the Helan family was firmly secured.

Additionally, Li Jinyi’s son was just turning ten this year. She actually needed to see if Helan Fangnian approved if she and her son wanted to stay with the Helans.

Furthermore, there were two perks to defending Zhang Suya like this. One was so she could show that she was kind and that she was not someone who rubs salt into the wound. Two, she would make Helan Mingde hate Zhang Suya even more.

“You… If only she had half of your character, we would not be where we are now,” Helan Mingde sighed.

“Don’t talk like that. Actually, I’ve always admired Sis. She managed to take care of you so well then. She’s so amazing, so capable.”

Helan Mingde could not help but twist his lips into a wry smile. Admire? Did she admire her for cuckolding him?

“I won’t divorce her when she’s still recuperating. Just because she had wronged me doesn’t mean I must wrong her. When she has recovered, I have to leave—this marriage.”

Li Jingyi looked at Zhang Suya on the floor, her head ducked low. The corners of her lips instinctively curved upwards.

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