Chapter 918 - This Girl Really Made His Heart Ache

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Chapter 918: This Girl Really Made His Heart Ache

Xia Anlan had seen way too many young, refined ladies who came from wealthy, affluent families. They always acted very demurely, eating as little as possible, as if eating one more mouthful would ruin their image. None of them were like Yan Qingsi, who dared to gobble down her food without concern in front of him. It was just as she said—she was not picky. It was all good so long as she could fill her stomach.

She practically inhaled her food when she ate. No matter what kind of food was it, the way she ate, made the food look extra delicious.

Yan Qingsi felt that something was wrong after eating for a while. She lifted her head and saw Xia Anlan staring straight at her. Discomfort crawled over her body with that stare. She swallowed her food. “Why…aren’t you eating?” she asked.

A small smile touched Xia Anlan’s lips. “I’m not that hungry yet. You’ve just woken up though. Don’t stuff yourself, silly, especially when your digestive system isn’t working well yet. Just eat until you’re about eighty or ninety percent full. Eat too much…and you might get indigestion.”

Yan Qingsi hummed in acknowledgment. She wrinkled her nose. How would she know if she was eighty or ninety percent full?

She could only roughly make out when she was starving or stuffed. Yan Qingsi shoveled another two mouthfuls in, then put her chopsticks down.

“Are you done eating?”

Yan Qingsi looked at the rice in the bowl. “You said that it’s enough for me to eat until I’m eighty or ninety percent full,” she said.

Xia Anlan smiled. “Then do you think you’ve had enough?”

Yan Qingsi licked the corners of her mouth. “I’m still hungry.”

Xia Anlan picked up a piece of a bamboo shoot for her. “Eat a little more. It’s not nearly enough.”

Yan Qingsi rubbed her belly. She hesitated, then picked up her chopsticks again.

Xia Anlan saw Yan Qingsi eating again, and continued to study her.

She was only a young woman of twenty-five years. If she had never experienced what she did, she would probably be like other girls her age—she would have a perfect, happy childhood, then she would get into high school and enjoy life without regrets.

Xia Anlan had searched for news of Yan Qingsi, online. A brief search was enough to yield plenty of unflattering information: scandals, derogatory rumors, sleeping around with others, breaking unspoken rules, beating people up… There were various kinds of information.

Those who had never met her and only had that online information to base their perception on her would think that this young lady was a b*tch and a sl*t through and through. She had been deliberately demonized and distorted by those who wrote the articles.

After actually meeting her, Xia Anlan felt that this girl was really…very simple.

After she knew of her true identity, she was only shocked and could not comprehend it, and harbored suspicion. However, she did not reveal any intention of sucking up to him. In fact, she wanted to pull herself a little farther away in fear of him understanding her.

This girl really made his heart, ache.

It was just as she said—it was wonderful to be alive. Perhaps she had never desired much—all she wanted was to live a good life and be happy. However…this was probably not very easy for her.

From Xia Anlan’s angle, he could see the strangulation marks on Yan Qingsi’s neck. They had already begun to turn black and blue. It had been far too dangerous then; if they had saved her one second later, she would have probably closed her eyes forever.

Xia Anlan tightened his grip around his chopsticks; his gaze hardened.

Yan Qingsi placed her chopsticks down after the last bite. She lifted her head, seeing that Xia Anlan was still staring at her and not moving his chopsticks.

Yan Qingsi suddenly felt really embarrassed. Had this man been horrified by the way she ate?

“I’m sorry,” she said awkwardly. “I…have a big appetite, and I eat fast…”

“Don’t worry about that,” Xia Anlan replied softly. “It’s great that you’re like this. You can have a bit more to eat after two more days…”

Yan Qingsi constantly felt that Xia Anlan’s tone was especially gentle when he was talking to her as if he was afraid of scaring her. She actually wanted to tell him that it was not necessary.

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