Chapter 920 - She Had Nothing Valuable of Her Own to be Swindled Off

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Chapter 920: She Had Nothing Valuable of Her Own to be Swindled Off

When she said those two words, Yan Qingsi felt as though her heart was about to burst out from her chest.

She finally understood why Grandma Su and Grandpa Su had cast such strange looks at her when she had first arrived at the Sus’ place—why they kept talking about her looking similar to someone.

No wonder they suddenly allowed her to go to Su City. It was because they found out that she looked very similar to Xia Anlan’s mother during her younger days.

Then now there was a problem—before this, the second eldest of the Su family had never really seen her photo. Yan Qingsi wanted to laugh when she thought of that.

She had always been unable to find a clue, she had always been unable to find the truth. For a time, she had thought that perhaps she would never have a way to find the truth.

Yet, she never imagined that the one time that she drowned, the clues would come along by itself. She lifted her head and looked at Xia Anlan. If someone else had told her that she was related to their family, perhaps…Yan Qingsi would reconsider that person’s motives. She would consider if they were genuine or fake.

However, he was…Xia Anlan. If he wanted something he did not have, all he had to do was lift a finger and he could get the entire world to shift for him. Why would he lie to her?

What possible reason could a man like him, have to lie to her?

Besides, she had nothing valuable of her own to be swindled off.

Xia Anlan released an internal breath. He had always been a decisive person, but when facing Yan Qingsi, he kept thinking that there was a possibility that this was his sister’s daughter. Even if she was not, he had no way to force her to decide to provide a blood sample. He wanted to let her make the final call.

“Is there anything else you want to know?” Xia Anlan asked.

Yan Qingsi bobbed her head. “There is…”

“Say it.”

“Just take a blood sample from me now,” Yan Qingsi said, tone certain. “I don’t want to wait any longer. Ever since I knew that my mother’s heritage might cause a few problems, there has never been peace in my heart.”

Once she has found out about her mother’s true heritage, Yan Qingsi could probably get down to the truth of her murder bit by bit. She could find out…who the mastermind of everything was.

Yan Qingsi’s heart pounded hard. She wanted to know the truth so badly.

“All right.” Xia Anlan looked at his secretary. “Get the doctor here.”

The secretary nodded his head and left to call for the doctor.

The doctor came in quickly. He took blood samples from the two and took them away for testing.

If the two were really related, the DNA results would immediately reveal that.

It was the easiest and the most straightforward way to find out.

Xia Anlan patted Yan Qingsi’s head. “Go to sleep without worries. We’ll wait for the results tomorrow.”

With the conclusion of today, Xia Anlan felt extremely at ease instead. Yan Qingsi had been brought over when she had been unconscious, and she had been so feverish that she was practically delusional. He instantly felt as though, he had known her for a very long time the moment he saw her in person—as though he was looking at his younger sister when she was sick. This fondness he felt toward a single person had never appeared after his younger sister died—until he saw Yan Qingsi.

Sweat slicked all over Yan Qingsi’s palms now. When the doctor had been trying to extract blood from her, she was so nervous that her muscles were tense. The doctor kept telling her to relax. She wanted to relax, but she could not.

Yan Qingsi flashed a mirthless smile. “I’m afraid that…I’ll be so nervous that I can’t sleep.”

“The results…are actually not that important anymore,” Xia Anlan reassured her.

He was actually not so rigid about the results. It did not matter if she was a blood relative or not, it was fate that this girl looked so similar to his mother.

Yan Qingsi shook her head. “No. I see it differently. It’s very important to me… It’s also very important to my mother. I’m her daughter, so I must find the truth of what happened that year. I have to.”

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