Chapter 10 - I’m Using Your Man (III)

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Chapter 10: I’m Using Your Man (III)

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Her fingers then brushed over Yan Tingfeng’s lips. “Would you like to taste them?”

Yue Tingfeng raised an eyebrow. “Dare to do it?”

The day before, Yan Ruke told Yue Tingfeng that she wanted to bring him to see Yan Qingsi off at the airport. Her intention was to show off Yue Tingfeng in front of Yan Qingsi, as if to say, ‘No matter what you do, this man will always belong to me.’

However, it slipped her mind that Yan Qingsi was an unpredictable character.

Yan Qingsi cast a sidelong glance to Yan Ruke. “Has my aunt ever told you that I’m the most brazen slut ever?”

She tiptoed and leaned over to kiss Yue Tingfeng’s lips. They were both very familiar with each other and their passionately erotic Frenching made everyone around them blush with shame.

Yan Mingzhu pulled Luo Jinchuan’s hand and spat out in contempt. “Jinchuan, I’m so embarrassed you had to see this. Yan Qingsi is a woman with no shame nor dignity.”

The corner of Luo Jinchuan’s lips curled up. Light reflected from his spectacles and the brownish color of his pupils could be seen to intensify gradually.

Yan Qingsi finally let go of Yue Tingfeng. “Don’t forget to look for me when you’re in Country M next time, Uncle.”

Yue Tingfeng narrowed his eyes and gazed briefly on her slightly swollen lips. “That depends on my mood.”

“How bad can your mood be having me around?”

“I can’t tell. Maybe it’ll be worse.”

In her heart, Yan Qingsi cursed Yue Tingfeng a hundred times. Then she tiptoed and kissed him again. “How about now?”


Yan Qingsi turned around and looked at the pale-faced Yan Ruke. She jerked her head back and jutted her chin out briefly toward Yan Ruke, as if saying, ‘Bite me, if you can.’

Yan Qingsi’s mood became incredibly good. She sent a message to Yan Ruke through merely her actions. ‘So what if he’s your man? I’m the one enjoying with him.’

Yan Qingsi pulled the small suitcase by her side while her gaze swept across the whole Yan family. She smiled and said, “I will be back.”

There was no doubt that she would return. Each member of the Yan family was still alive and well, which meant that it was impossible for her to leave the country with a peace of mind.

She was still young; she was a lone-ranger; hence, she got nothing to lose.

Someday, though, she would return. By then, she shall collect what debt the Yan family incurred by killing her mother.

Yan Qingsi hauled her suitcase and walked away with resolve. Her frail silhouette soon vanished as she passed through the safety checks.

The devil was gone and the Yan family breathed a sigh of relief in unison.

Bitter resentment flashed through Ye Lingzhi 1 ‘s eyes. She was determined to eradicate the slightest possibility of Yan Qingsi stepping foot in Luo City in the future.

After leaving the airport, Yan Ruke walked hurriedly in order to catch up to Yue Tingfeng.

There was no denying that her niece had kissed her fiancé in front of her. It was like a slap in the face but she dared not complain to Yue Tingfeng.

“Tingfeng, wait for me…”

Yue Tingfeng was just about to open his car door and hop on but Yan Ruke swiftly ran over and sat at the front passenger seat.

He shot her a look of revulsion. “Get down.”

Yan Ruke felt hurt. “Tingfeng…”

Yue Tingfeng lambasted impatiently. “Don’t make me kick you down.”

She trembled. Yue Tingfeng was not the kind of man who would think twice about hitting a girl. He had an unreasonable temper and if someone provoked him, he would beat them up regardless of their gender.

Yan Ruke bit her lip and said, “Be safe… on the road.”

She opened the door and got down from the car.

A car then stopped beside her. The driver was Luo Jinchuan, Yan Mingzhu was sitting in the front passenger seat. “Such a pity, Auntie. Do you want to hitch a ride with us?”

Yan Ruke turned to look at Yan Mingzhu and the latter’s expression seemed to be reveling in Yan Ruke’s bad luck. Yan Ruke smiled coldly. “Rather than spending the time to mock me, why not you take better care of your boyfriend? Don’t wait until she seduces Luo Jinchuan. When that happens, you won’t have anywhere to hide and cry.”

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