Chapter 101 - All That Matters is I Like

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Chapter 101: All That Matters is I Like

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The current location was most definitely the best place for the shoot. Once he was here, Jin Xuechu felt like his creative block has suddenly been released.

Yan Qingsi had ignored Jin Xuechu’s half-joking statement earlier. When she did not wish to flirt with a man, she would not bother to entertain any of his flirtatious conversations.

“After you launch your new song, you better not forget to promote me properly,” Yan Qingsi said with a chuckle.

“Most definitely…” came his reply.

Xiao Xu quickly touched up Yan Qingsi’s makeup. Standing barefooted on an abandoned car, her blood-red dress fluttering in the wind, the photographs perfectly captured the sunlight dancing around her. Beauty and desolation, darkness and light, like two worlds colliding into each other.

Who cared if there was no one around. Who cared if they did not have a professional photographer.

They simply played around with the long-range lenses, threw in some moving and jumping effects, and the music video came out just as beautiful.

In the end, all that was left was the music and the post-production editing, which would be taken care of by Jin Xuechu’s private studio.

Yan Qingsi left immediately after the shoot because she had to rush back to Jing City.

Sitting in the car, Jin Xuechu scrolled through the photographs over and over again.

There she was standing on the dusty old car, looking slender but strong, like there was some hidden energy lying dormant in her. Her shadow on the ground snaked outwards like the devil, yet it was brimming with the vibrancy of life, it felt as if she was invincible.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she, Tony?” Jin Xuechu purred.

Tony nodded in accordance. “But no matter how pretty she is, she still can’t turn me straight.”

“It doesn’t matter, you were born gay. All that matters is I like her.” Jin Xuechu retorted, his eyes never leaving Yan Qingsi’s photographs.

Tony gasped before saying, “Are you for real?”

“Yes, I like her!”

“Mr. Chairman, Miss Yan has gone to Jing City again,” Jiang Lai reported, choosing his words carefully in fear of saying the wrong thing.

It had been a week since Yue Tingfeng opened up a file on Yan Qingsi’s background, but he had yet to recover from the shock.

For the past few days, whenever he had idle time, Yan Qingsi’s face would unfailingly surface in his mind, that cold, cruel face, like a blade forged from the fiercest fire and a thousand hammers.

Her words would ring in his ears—’You better not fall in love with me!’

Yue Tingfeng felt like he was going mad.

His initial anxiety had slowly calmed down, but still, he did not dare to stand in front of Yan Qingsi—there was this mental hurdle that he just could not get over.

He did go over to her apartment and waited downstairs every day.

But what could he do even if he did go up?


Could he bring himself to utter those words?

What then would he be doing there if he did not plan to apologize?

Yue Tingfeng struggled with this every day, he wanted to ask for someone else’s opinion, but he did not know how to start, and he was even more ashamed to want to start.

Jiang Lai, having watched Yue Tingfeng zone out, called out to him twice in quick succession. “CEO Yue, CEO Yue…”

“Alright, got it,” Yue Tingfeng replied, coming back to his senses.

‘So she went to Jing City,’ he thought, frowning to himself.

Jiang Lai, seeing Yue Tingfeng looking out of sorts that day, added, “There’s another thing, sir, it’s Miss Yan Ruke. She’s been coming to me to look for you very frequently as of late.”

Yue Tingfeng scowled almost immediately. “Ask her to scram as far away as she possibly can,” he said coldly.

The mere mention of Yan Ruke’s name was always enough to have him seething in rage, but now that he knew what the Yan family did to Yan Qingsi, he briefly almost considered murder a viable option.

“That was what I did,” Jiang Lai added carefully, “but…”

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