Chapter 102 - It Was Love At First Sight

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Chapter 102: It Was Love At First Sight

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“That was what I did, but…” Jiang Lai said hesitantly.

Yan Ruke—no matter how much you insulted her, this woman just does not know when to quit.

This was no ordinary persistence. She was practically a ninja turtle!

Yue Tingfeng sneered to himself, as he knew what she was after him for.

Taking his mobile phone out, Yue Tingfeng scrolled through the contacts—his long slender fingers dancing over the screen, but somehow always stopping at Yan Qingsi’s number. “How’s it going with the errand I asked you to run the other day?”

Jiang Lai nodded and answered, “It’s done. We have cut off all ties with every company that was working with the Yan family. The Yan company’s stocks have plummeted in recent times.”

Yan Songnan’s hair must have turned hair white from trying to find the money.

“But it’s still not enough…” Yue Tingfeng suddenly said.

“Yes sir, I will ask the boys to double down on it.” Jiang Lai excused himself and proceeded to silently light a mental candle in vigil of the Yan family.


That night, Yue Tingfeng and Helan Fangnian went out drinking.

However, they barely even talked. Yue Tingfeng just sat there glumly, aimlessly scrolling through his phone. The frustration in his eyes was very apparent.

Helan Fangnian could not resist and asked, “You don’t look like yourself at all staring at your phone like that. Are you waiting for a call?”

“Am I now?” Yue Tingfeng faked a cough. He was feeling a little diffident now—like a deer caught in the headlights.

Helan Fangnian gave him a once-over. “Of course you are. You… wouldn’t have done anything unscrupulous, have you?”

Yue Tingfeng hesitated for a moment, then put down his phone and asked, ” Helan, have you ever had a woman who you have this love-hate relationship with? A woman who sometimes makes you feel like you want to kill her, but can’t bring yourself to do it? A woman who when you found out you’ve wrongly accused her, makes you anxious beyond compare…?”

Helan looked at him—stunned—the drink in his hand temporarily forgotten. “Tingfeng, you don’t…happen to be in love, are you?”

Yue Tingfeng bristled at the thought. “Love? You gotta be kidding me,” he snapped back indifferently.


Heh, that kind of petty business is not even of his concern.

“Yeah,” Helan Fangnian concurred while thinking back to the Yue Tingfeng he grew up with. “I guess so. You… probably wouldn’t love anyone anyway.”

Helan Fangnian always thought Yue Tingfeng was a very complicated person inside. He may look very predictable at times, but when one really tried to size him up, one will realize that he is not what he seemed.

One thing is for sure, Yue Tingfeng’s heart was stone-cold. Very few things in this world were worthy of his attention. He was too picky; to women, and to everything else.

Sensing the danger in those questions, Yue Tingfeng attempted to change the topic. “So, about that girl you were looking for, any news?”

Disappointment washed over Helan Fangnian’s face. “Nothing new so far, I guess it should be pretty hard to find her since I don’t actually know what her full name is, I don’t know where she’s from, and heck I don’t even have her photograph. All I have is the memory of her in my head.”

Yue Tingfeng chuckled, amused by what he said. “So if you don’t know anything at all, why are you still looking for her?”

“But … I know, I know I like her.” Helan Fangnian looked straight at him, with a dead-serious expression, and said, “It was love at first sight.”

“Heh, love at first sight you say…?” Yue Tingfeng mocked. ” Very well, just because of your love at first sight, I promise I’ll help you find this woman no matter where she is. I really am curious to see what kind of devil she is to make Helan Fangnian fall in love at first sight.”

“Yes, she is THE devil. If you’ve seen her, you would’ve fallen head over heels for her too.”

“You’re making me really eager to meet her now, Helan.”

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