Chapter 103 - It’s Just a Woman, Is It Worth You Treating Her like a Queen?

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Chapter 103: It’s Just a Woman, Is It Worth You Treating Her like a Queen?

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“If not for needing your help to find her, I really would not want you meeting her,” Helan Fangnian quipped.

“Why is that?”

“Because I’m afraid you will want her for yourself too!”

“Go to hell, it’s just a woman, is it worth you treating her like a queen?”

Yue Tingfeng had not been himself at work lately. He did not even respond after his secretary, Miss Sun, reported his lengthy schedule for that day.

She wanted to bring some events forward but did not dare to ask. She knew her boss had been very erratic recently.

Seeing as she was on the last item of the schedule, Miss Sun wanted to quickly finish up and get the hell out of there. Gently clearing her throat, she started, “Mr. Yue, General Manager Qu plans to merge the two newly-acquired companies into a film company, and he wants to take two days of leave to inspect the site at Jing City.”

This time, the boss actually responded, “Wait, wait… what did you say Qu Jing wanted to do?”

“General Manager Qu wants to take two days of leave because he plans to go to Jing City for site inspection,” Secretary Sun quickly answered.

“Tell him I won’t approve his leave, he’s not going to Jing City”

“But, why is that so?”

“Because… I’ll be going.”


Due to the shooting of the music video with Jin Xuechu, Yan Qingsi arrived almost a day late to the filming location in Jing City. Once there, she did not even have time for a sip of water and was rushed to put on her makeup and attire before starting the shoot.

She used her makeup time to go through her script and memorize it.

For this scene, her character, Zhao consort, was devising a plan to make the lead female character have a miscarriage.

To Yan Qingsi, playing the character of Zhao consort was just like acting out her real self. She just had to show the character as a cruel, scheming, and calculative woman with a thirst for power, and it would be the perfect portrayal. This, to her, was as easy as ABC.

Even though Director Feng Jun was unhappy that Yan Qingsi had delayed the whole production crew for one day, he had to admit she perfectly portrayed the role of Zhao consort he had in mind. Watching her performance put him in awe and gave him chills at the same time.

Director Feng Jun was in awe because of her beauty, but he had the chills because of her cruel streak.

Yan Qingsi never fluffed her lines. On the other hand, it was the main female lead, Xu Qianxi, who was called out a few times.

Director Feng Jun having had enough, bellowed, “Xu Qianxi what’s wrong with you? Do you even know how to act? You’re as stiff as a log. If you can’t do it, we’d better find a replacement for you early. Look at Zhao consort, can you at least learn something from her?”

During the break, while everyone was in the makeup room, Xu Qianxi took the chance to insinuate out loud.

“Some people just don’t know their places, just a small fry but acting like a superstar. They’re not even famous but they’re already making all kinds of demands. This kind of person will never make it in show business. They’re just cheap actresses who only know how to use their body to get minor roles.”

Yan Qingsi laughed coldly, sipping the water Xiao Xu gave her.

Xu Qianxi had a sweet-looking face, she turned professional a few years ago. Even though she did not have any particularly major achievements since then, insiders know she has some serious backers behind her. Even for this current production, she has invested a fair amount into the group.

The other ladies surrounding her were third-rate actresses. One even tried to get into her good books, and chipped in, “Don’t bother yourself Qianxi, no need to get yourself worked up over a useless good-for-nothing like her. I heard she slept with all the men in the production crew from the editors to the logistics team, and that was how she got the role here.”

Women are strange creatures. When faced with more beautiful women, they will instinctively shun said women—some even ganging up to isolate them.

Yan Qingsi was the one being isolated then.

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