Chapter 106 - Why Are You In My Bed, Mr. Yue?

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Chapter 106: Why Are You In My Bed, Mr. Yue?

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“Cut!” the crew outside shouted.

Yan Qingsi sat up and looked at the warm, smooth face of Qin Jingzhi. “It’s just like how you’re treating everyone so nicely, but in reality, is that really so? Only you know the answer.”

Qin Jingzhi’s face darkened as he shot Yan Qingsi an ominous look. “Look, kid, some things are better left unsaid, you never know when it’s going to land you in trouble.”

“I’m not guaranteed to be out of trouble even if I didn’t say it,” Yan Qingsi sniggered. “Now if you’ll excuse me, Uncle, I want to get off the bed.”

“Get off the bed? But I heard Yan Qingsi usually does her best work on the bed though…”

Those were despicable words, but Qin Jingzhi’s voice can make the most despicable of things sound absolutely normal.

Yan Qingsi gave him a radiant smile, so it seemed Xu Qianxi had spread the rumors of her sleeping with everyone to the whole production crew.

Yan Qingsi forcefully leaned into Qin Jingzhi until she was almost on top of him. As she looked into his eyes, she purred, “Well, in that case, I would advise the ‘King of the Silver Screen’ to stay well clear of me. You know what they say, I’m a man-eater who has slept with every man on set.”

After a moment of stunned silence, Qin Jingzhi countered, “Well, if you really did sleep with every man on set, wouldn’t that be a huge disservice to me? I’m a man too, and I’m probably a little more valuable than the rest of the guys here. If you really are who they say you are, you wouldn’t leave this ‘King’ here out dry, would you?”

For a second there, Qin Jingzhi thought Yan Qingsi was absolutely breathtaking, it was like there was a role reversal between the man and the woman.

Yan Qingsi’s lips curled into a coy smile. “Haven’t you heard of playing hard to get?” she teased, squeezing Qin Jingzhi’s chin.

“Don’t paint yourself in such a bad light.”

Yan Qingsi’s face darkened, she had lost her appetite to tease him. She let go of Qin Jingzhi’s face, flung open the bed curtains and slipped off the bed. “You’re wrong, I really am that bad, I’m worse than you could ever imagine.”

She really was bad, heck she was even worse than she herself could imagine. If anyone dared to get in her way, she had no qualms doing whatever it takes to get rid of those people.

It was very late, Yan Qingsi quickly removed her makeup, changed back into her own clothes, and headed straight back to her hotel.

After a whole night of filming, Yan Qingsi only managed to get back to her room at five in the morning.

The hotel was fairly average, but Yan Qingsi was not the picky type.

Her eyelids were drooping when she reached her hotel room. She was too lazy to turn on the lights, so she simply felt her way in the dark to her bed and dove right into sleep, not even bothering to take off her clothes.

However, it did not take long for Yan Qingsi to viciously spring right back out of bed.

The room lights flickered on.

Yan Qingsi saw a man laying on her bed.

Upon recognizing that face, all the fear and anxiety in her eyes… were promptly hidden away from sight.

Yan Qingsi let loose a laugh, smirking as she said, “Well well well, if it isn’t Mr. Yue, and I thought who was it that couldn’t resist the temptation to climb into my bed in the middle of the night.”

It was five in the morning, Yan Qingsi could not believe her eyes, why was Yue Tingfeng in her bed? This was Jing City after all.

Jing city was miles away from Luo City, there were no luxurious five-star hotels here in Jing City, no high-class fine dining restaurants, and most importantly, no clean innocent ladies for the picking here.

Yue Tingfeng was wearing a shirt with the top two buttons open, his white sexy collarbone peeking out from inside. There he was, lying lazily on her bed. His face was evidently tired, but those eyes were extraordinarily bright, and they were looking right at Yan Qingsi.


Rich man Yue: I’m proud to be a bed climber! Who are you to care?

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