Chapter 107 - Tonight I Just Want You

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Chapter 107: Tonight I Just Want You

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Underneath Yue Tingfeng’s body was a towel—her towel, Yan Qingsi noted. He must have felt the hotel sheets were too dirty for him to lay in.

“Why are you back so late?” Yue Tingfeng frowned as he asked, unperturbed by Yan Qingsi’s mocking earlier.

His question was clearly ladened with blame, complaint, and a self-righteous sense of entitlement—it was like he was the rightful owner of this place.

As the saying goes, everything looks sexier under dim light.

Yan Qingsi had to admit, looking at Yue Tingfeng under this light, his face was very appealing the more she looked at it, but also… she started to hate it the more she looked at it.

She hated it, to the point where if she had a pail of acid, she would not hesitate to pour the whole thing on him.

Yan Qingsi leaned back against the wall, using it to keep her tired shell of a body upright.

She had to deal with Yue Tingfeng, and she would never again face him in a lying position. She had no plans to be humiliated a second time.

Yan Qingsi crossed her arms across her chest. She had had a rough night, and it was evident from her bloodshot eyes. “Do you hear yourself? You sound like those pathetic rambling housewives out there. If you’re so sexually unsatisfied, go out this door and turn left, there’s a whole group of actresses for you to pick from, pick anyone you fancy and f*ck them if you want.”

Yue Tingfeng was pissed off, really pissed off.

He had been meaning to look for Yan Qingsi for the past few days, but he did not have a suitable excuse to do so. Moreover, he wasn’t able to put down his massive ego to talk to her, or maybe it was more to do with the anxiety he got when he thought of her.

It was only two days ago when Qu Jing finalized the takeover of Golden Universe and Universal Entertainment and planned to merge them into a film company. Qu Jing was supposed to come over for site inspection and was planning to invest in some of Jing City’s filming locations, but Yue Tingfeng took the job for himself instead.

Now, listening to that rant from Yan Qingsi, he really was very pissed off. This woman could never say anything nice at all.

Before all this, he spent a lot of time contemplating how bad she had had it in life, and how he could loosen the demands he had put on her. However, now that this had happened, that little bit of remorse had swiftly evolved into a raging fire.

Yue Tingfeng was initially undecided on whether he should try to coax her, but after her outburst, he shot back, “I don’t just do any girl, tonight I want you.”

Yan Qingsi smirked. “I see you want to play, well, why didn’t you say earlier, acting all gentlemanly. I know you don’t just do any girl, but once I let loose, I can be as crazy as any girl.”

Yan Qingsi swiftly covered the ground between them and pushed Yue Tingfeng right onto the bed. She climbed on top of him and straddled him at the hips, resting both her hands on his broad chest.

“So Mr. CEO, what do you want to play today?” Yan Qingsi teased, licking the corner of her lips. “I can be anything you want. I guarantee you will go back to feeling satisfied.”

Yue Tingfeng’s breathing intensified, and he reached out to hold Yan Qingsi at the waist.

Looking at the dark circles underneath her bloodshot eyes, Yue Tingfeng frowned. He was about to say something when Yan Qingsi suddenly climbed off him.

“Oh, my bad.” Yan Qingsi laughed. “I forgot I’m a dirty woman. Didn’t you hear the rumors in the group? I’ve slept with every man on set. Surely such a body would never be befitting of you, Mr. CEO. There are no props here to play with, why don’t we switch to a sexier hotel?”

Yue Tingfeng’s heart stung when he heard that – he would admit what happened that day went a little overboard, but that was because he was too angry.

The fire in Yue Tingfeng slowly cooled down. “It’s late now. Go to sleep,” he instructed, frowning.

“That would depend on what you mean by ‘sleep’,” Yan Qingsi taunted.

“Rest,” he replied coldly.

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