Chapter 108 - Men Are Just Trouble-seeking Playthings

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Chapter 108: Men Are Just Trouble-seeking Playthings

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“Rest,” he replied coldly.

Yan Qingsi pushed Yue Tingfeng away, “I don’t think you came all this way just to cuddle and have a nice warm chat with me, did you? I’m not interested in sleeping in bed with you, so we either get the deed done, or you get the hell out of my room.”

Yue Tingfeng’s brows were locked in a frown, he was used to being the person who pushed people away, but with this woman, he was the one who was always being pushed away.

He actually liked that and did not want to leave.

Yue Tingfeng never knew how to comfort a woman and he could not bring himself to apologize, he just did not know how to begin.

This was because he never felt the need to apologize to any woman, though now he did feel he owed Yan Qingsi an apology.

This woman was a handful, so infuriating, yet he was unable to bring himself to let go.

Was he starting to fall for her?

Yue Tingfeng didn’t think so, because if the day came when he would actually consider getting serious with a woman, it most definitely would not be with someone like Yan Qingsi.

However, it was this exact feeling—not infatuation yet unable to let go, that was so alien and at the same time, so bewildering to him.

Reaching out and grabbing Yan Qingsi by the chin, Yue Tingfeng’s voice was gentle when he said, “I know what happened with Luo Jinchuan…”

Yan Qingsi faltered for a bit, but quickly returned to her contemptuous stance, “So why exactly are you here then? Because of guilt? Out of sympathy?”

“If anything like this happens again, you can come straight to me. What happened with the Yan family, and the killings, it will not happen again.”

Yan Qingsi shoved away Yue Tingfeng’s hands, she knew why he came here so abruptly now, she knew what the emotions were now, it seems he has learned of her previous life in Country M.

Yan Qingsi let out a cold laugh, “If you had been like this back then when I was in desperate need of help, I might actually have loved you until the world’s end. I would have done anything for you, but now, Yue Tingfeng, now you f*cking disgust me.”

It was the first time Yue Tingfeng had ever spoken so gently to a woman, but this woman, this woman just would not take any of it.

“I’m trying to offer you some respect, can’t you just accept it?” Yue Tingfeng snapped.

Yan Qingsi sniggered, “You seem to forget that I am a natural-born b*tch. Respect? What would I need respect for?”

Yue Tingfeng saw no way he could continue the conversation with Yan Qingsi being a scornful b*tch like this.

In the end, he simply pulled her into his arms and instructed her to sleep.

“Let go of me.”

Yue Tingfeng did not budge. Suddenly, he put his face over her breast and took a long deep breath. “Who have you been sleeping with?”

Stunned, Yan Qingsi quickly snapped back. “With a man, of course. Why else would I be coming home so late.”

“Can you not always say these things just to get me mad?” Yue Tingfeng implored, squeezing her chin once again.

“Wow, now this is new. Who are you to me again? Why would my words make you mad? And if I was cheating with someone else, I would be cheating on my husband, not you. So you can let my husband do the worrying because it’s none of your business.”

This time Yue Tingfeng laughed. “But I want to worry.”

Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes.

Now that last bit he said, that was really something.

“So you’re really not leaving?” Yan Qingsi asked again.

“Go to sleep.”

He never planned on leaving from the moment he decided to visit her.

Yan Qingsi was tired beyond compare, but she could not fall asleep, not with all her clothes on and a man beside hugging her so tightly, his legs pressing down on her body. However, in the darkness of the night, her lips curled into a cold, mischievous smile.

She always knew she could make Yue Tingfeng fall in love with her.

Look at this, is this not an excellent start?

Men, heh… They’re just trouble-seeking playthings.


Rich man Yue: Me seeking trouble? Heh… You underestimate me. Your days of trouble are just about to begin.

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