Chapter 109 - There Is A Man In Miss Qingsi’s Room

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Chapter 109: There Is A Man In Miss Qingsi’s Room

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As dawn started to break, Yan Qingsi finally fell asleep.

Her shoot was scheduled for the afternoon slot that day, so she could sleep-in for the morning.

At half-past eight, Xiao Xu left to buy breakfast for Yan Qingsi. He never forgot the doctor’s orders instructing her to have a minimum of three meals a day, especially breakfast.

Hence, early in the morning, Xiao Xu made his way out to buy some simple millet porridge because millet is good for the gut, as well as some vegetarian buns. He then rushed back to the hotel to give it to Yan Qingsi.

Why was it that the person who opened her room door turned out to be a man… Not just any man, it was… it was the man Xiao Xu hated and feared the most.

Xiao Xu was stunned, repeatedly glancing at the room door number. ” I’m… I’m so sorry, I must have mixed up the room number.”

Xiao Xu quickly turned away and was about to leave when a voice spoke out, “Come back…”

The voice startled Xiao Xu, who hesitantly turned back around.

Yue Tingfeng was wearing Yan Qingsi’s oversized T-shirt. On his feet were Yan Qingsi’s slippers, which were evidently too small as the heels of his foot were poking out beyond the shoe. He was slumped lazily on the door frame. ” What have you got there?”

Even in such unflattering attire, Yue Tingfeng still managed to exude class, the sleepiness in his eyes failing to smother his dashing features.

Xiao Xu gulped a few times, holding the buns closer to him. He sneaked a look at Yue Tingfeng’s t-shirt again, it most definitely belonged to Miss Qingsi.

Yue Tingfeng’s aura of authority pressured Xiao Xu into a stammer. “There’re… There’re buns, and also… simple millet porridge, Miss Qingsi has very serious gut problems, the doctor had instructed that she was not to miss breakfast.”

“Give it to me.”

Xiao Xu was worried about Yan Qingsi and decided to ask, ” Mis… Mister Yue, why are you in Miss Qing… Qingsi’s room?”

Xiao Xu was cursing him on the inside. ‘When did this guy come over here? Miss Qingsi, how am I to save you.’

Yue Tingfeng chuckled. ” Of course it’s me. Who else if not me? You?”

Xiao Xu froze again, by the time he recovered, Yue Tingfeng had already taken the food from his hands.

He quickly added, “You… You must remember to… to let Miss Qingsi eat that, at least… finish the millet porridge… It’s… it’s really good for the gut. Miss Qingsi… She has a very serious gastric condition. Just… just the other day, after you left… I sent her to the hospital. The doctor said if… if she’s not careful, there’ll be a hole in her gut…”

Yue Tingfeng shivered.

The other day… he knew… he knew Yan Qingsi was going to the hospital, he knew she had some sort of gastric condition, but because his mother told him Yan Qingsi was pregnant, he did not put too much thought into her gastric problem; he dismissed it as nothing major.

It seemed like he tended to ignore a lot of important things.

While his heart was sinking inside, he still managed to maintain a calm demeanor on the outside, “I see, is that so?”

Seeing Yue Tingfeng’s seemingly nonchalant attitude, Xiao Xu pleaded further, ” Please … don’t put it off as a minor problem. The doctor said she had to be managed properly because if it continued to deteriorate, there will be very serious consequences.”

The door slammed shut in Xiao Xu’s face.

Staring down at the buns and porridge in the bag, Yue Tingfeng felt ill as if he had swallowed the buns whole and they had clogged up his heart, each bun hard as stone.

He glanced over at the bed Yan Qingsi was sleeping in, there was peacefulness about her that he never saw during the day when she was getting at him, and then there were her soft, gentle brows, and her full, red lips were as luscious as ever.

Yue Tingfeng suddenly remembered the first time he met Yan Qingsi, she still had a bit of baby fat on her cheeks, but now, it was all gone, all that was left was her sharp pointy chin, her thin face, and her slim body.

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