Chapter 11 - I’m Using Your Man (IV)

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Chapter 11: I’m Using Your Man (IV)

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Yan Mingzhu’s face turned red in anger. She looked over to Luo Jinchuan and was met with his characteristic calm expression. Her heart rested easy and she shouted to her aunt, “Nonsense. Jinchuan would never stoop so low for a woman like that.”

Yan Ruke let out a derisive laugh.

Men were particularly fond of women like that. They might just be biding their time for a chance to bed her.

At the boarding gate, Jiang Lai passed a thick envelope to Yan Qingsi. “Miss Qingsi, this is the compensation given by the young master for that night.”

Yan Qingsi peeled open the envelope and saw a stack of greens. They were all foreign currency.

She smirked. “It seems like he may have a heart after all.”

“I shall take my leave. All the best on your journey.”


Yan Qingsi took out her makeup and redid her lipstick with the help of a compact mirror. Then, she pulled out one of the crisp dollar bill and gave it a lip-smacking kiss. “Take this back to your master, this is a tip from me. Let him know that I was disappointed with his performance that night.”

That lipstick-marked bill was like a ticking time-bomb to Jiang Lai and no matter what his decision—to receive it or not—he would be caught in the explosion.

In the end, Yan Qingsi simply stuffed the bill into his pocket.

The plane took off while Yan Qingsi took one last glance at the familiar city.

She wanted to etch the city and faces of the people living there into her brain to serve as a reminder of the debt that she had yet to collect.

Yan Qingsi’s sight was diverted as the plane flew into the cloud layer. The corner of the envelope caught her eye. While the rumor mill spun stories of her being a homewrecker as if she had stolen everyone else’s man, the only man whom she had actually bedded was Yue Tingfeng…

Even so, the act was a calculated move.

Yan Qingsi’s thin lips smiled coldly. The rumors did not matter. When pissed beyond measure, she would just live up to those accusations and steal all their men.

Two hours later, Jiang Lai delivered the ticking time-bomb in the form of a hundred-dollar bill to Yue Tingfeng. “Young master, this… Miss Qingsi entrusted me to give you this.”

After a moment of hesitation, Jiang Lai repeated the message from Yan Qingsi verbatim.

Yue Tingfeng…

In the middle of that bill was the stain of red lipstick, mocking him. A few hours ago, he had just kissed those soft and sweet lips. They were lips that promised a man everything he wanted.

Now, Yue Tingfeng vowed that if ever that woman appeared before him, he would bite her lips off.

… Timeskip …

Three years later…

There was a crowd at the T2 arrival pick-up zone in Luo City Airport. The international flight from Country M to Luo City had landed.

A woman strode into Luo City Airport.

Her long, jet-black hair fluttered behind her shoulders as her high heels clicked sharply against the tiled floor—the staccato beat hammering in the hearts of men. Her lips were colored an enticing red while large sunglasses obscured half of the pale face. She wore a coat that was featured on last week’s early spring fashion show but somehow made it look better than the runway model. The woman was arresting and carried herself with an irresistible charm.

Among the throng of people, she stood out like a gem amidst gravel—grades above everyone else.

Some passersby secretly took photos of the eye-catching woman.

A group of young girls chatted among themselves.

“Is she a celebrity? She looks like someone famous.”

“It does look like it. Probably back from the overseas.”

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