Chapter 111 - I Just Want to Be Hugging You Tonight

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Chapter 111: I Just Want to Be Hugging You Tonight

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Chapter 111: I Just Want to Be Hugging You Tonight

Yan Qingsi did not feel embarrassed. She rested her cheek on her hand and said satirically, “Ahhh… that’s kinky. You even watch me pee?”

Yue Tingfeng was at a loss for words.

Yan Qingsi thought she would not be bothered but heck, she could not bring herself to pee!

Yan Qingsi glared at Yue Tingfeng and pulled up her pants. She closed in as she was walking past Yue Tingfeng and stepped on his foot as she made her way out.

Yue Tingfeng grimaced in pain.

Yan Qingsi went out to have some congee after washing up.

Yue Tingfeng came out from the washroom and saw Yan Qingsi taking a bun out from the bag. “Just have some congee. Forget the bun. You’re an actress, better watch your waistline,” he said.

Yue Tingfeng would not even let her have the congee if she did not have gastric pain.

This street food… To make matters worse it was bought by another man… Tsk, tsk.

Yan Qingsi smiled and retorted, “If I don’t eat it, would you eat it? What has it got to do with you if I became fat?”

Did Yan Qingsi not know the kind of person Yue Tingfeng was? He was so particular. He would not even lay his eyes on street food, let alone eat them. Looking at them made him feel sick.

“Of course it matters to me, the one hugging you at night is…”

Just before he could finish the last word, Yan Qingsi took a bite out of the white, fluffy bun.

Yue Tingfeng was again speechless.

Yan Qingsi was enjoying her meal very much. For someone who had starved before, she knew how precious food was. She would never waste any of it.

Yue Tingfeng frowned as he watched Yan Qingsi ate the bun and congee.

He knew many women who starved themselves to maintain a slim figure. But Yan Qingsi is different. She just kept on eating right in front of his eyes.

Watching her eat made Yue Tingfeng’s stomach grumble. He wondered if the bun was really that good.

“Watch your table manners. You’re a lady,” Yue Tingfeng said sharply.

Yan Qingsi lifted her chin and said, “There is the door, you can go now.”

Yue Tingfeng, this guy.

If you were a pushover, he would get sick of you real quick. If you put on a fight, he might be agitated. However, if you manipulate things well you might keep him interested.

Yan Qingsi was playing hard to get. She wanted Yue Tingfeng to fall for her. She wanted him to realize how bad it felt to be tormented.

Yue Tingfeng strode across with his long legs and sat next to Yan Qingsi. His body closed in.

“Won’t you get fat eating so much? Give me one.”

Yue Tingfeng threw his arm over Yan Qingsi’s shoulder.

Yan Qingsi did not move. Instead, she scoffed and said, “Go buy yourself some. I’m nice enough to allow you to stay here overnight. Now you want me to feed you? Are you broke?”

Yue Tingfeng curled his lips and cast a look at the congee. He saw some red dates. “Feed me some dates,” he said playfully.

Yan Qingsi shoved her hand over his mouth.

“Aren’t you leaving yet?”

Yue Tingfeng had thin red lips that one could relate to his flickering and phlegmatic personality in relationships. He smirked, “Why leave? I am not done with you yet.”

Yan Qingsi tried to hold in her anger. “Prince Yue, just how broke are you? You crashed at my place because you didn’t want to pay for a room at the hotel. You even wore my thirty dollar t-shirt. Can you even afford it?”

Yan Qingsi threw a dirty look at Yue Tingfeng. This guy is not embarrassed that he was wearing her shirt!

Yan Qingsi laughed. She could not imagine Yue Tingfeng, this moneybag, wearing a thirty dollar t-shirt.

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