Chapter 112 - I’ll Let the Dog out If You Don’t Go

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Chapter 112: I’ll Let the Dog out If You Don’t Go

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The point was that it was women’s clothing. She even wore it before.

Yue Tingfeng must have gone mad to have worn something that had been used before.

Yue Tingfeng leaned back on the chair and said, “Aren’t you good at hiring rooms? That night at the hotel, I was impressed.”

Yan Qingsi laughed—unimpressed—and rolled up her sleeves. “Ohhh, you’re finally owning up to it. I thought you were gonna play dumb about it. Fine, since you’ve brought it up, let’s talk.”

Yan Qingsi gnashed her teeth.

Yue Tingfeng squinted and said, “I’ve never denied it, haven’t I?” His face looked so stunning.

He had never said it out loud nor had he denied it.

Yan Qingsi could not take it anymore and kicked Yue Tingfeng. “Haha… Come on, pay up the room charges. Let’s split the bill. It’s two thousand six hundred and thirty. Since you’re so poor that you probably can’t afford your underwear, just pay me two thousand and six hundred.”

Before Yue Tingfeng could say anything, Yan Qingsi continued, “Tsk, tsk, tsk, after not seeing you for a couple of years, you’ve become so stingy. You won’t even pay for the room.” She looked at him disapprovingly.

Yue Tingfeng saw her beautiful hands laying down on the table and reached out for them. He pulled her hands over and placed them on his crotch. “Why do I remember a lady who said we should get a room the other night and she would pay for it?”

Yan Qingsi was absolutely infuriated and pulled her hands away. She stood up abruptly and her face turned cold.

“It’s true that I said that. But that was in exchange for the lead female role of ‘The Scent of Her’. I didn’t end up getting the role. Besides, I wasn’t even trying to get back at you for taking advantage of me. I was merely asking you to pay half of the bill.”

Yue Tingfeng let go of Yan Qingsi’s hand and leaned back. He propped his hands up at the back of his head and said calmly, “I’ve got no money.”

Yan Qingsi laughed coldly. “Haha…”


Yan Qingsi’s face darkened as she pointed to the door. She looked as if she would let the dogs out if he did not leave immediately.

Yue Tingfeng wrapped his arms around Yan Qingsi’s waist and pushed her onto the bed. Holding on to her tightly, he said, “You really can’t resist me, can you?”

Yan Qingsi clenched her teeth. She could not believe how thick-skinned Yue Tingfeng had become. He was such a proud man that thought he was too good to associate with ordinary people.

She thought he was acting really weird and was not being himself.

Yan Qingsi gritted her teeth in anger.

“You’re shameless!”

Yue Tingfeng unbuttoned Yan Qingsi’s pajamas with his mouth. His breath blew onto her skin. “Shame? What’s that?”

Yan Qingsi got pinned down on the bed and could not move at all.

Very slowly, he moved his way down, unbuttoning the buttons one by one along the way. She panicked. “Yue Tingfeng, I will kill you if you make another move!”

Yue Tingfeng kissed Yan Qingsi’s along her collarbone. “Why are you upset? Haven’t you always been the female lead of ‘The Scent of Her’?”

Yan Qingsi laughed coldly. “I, Yan Qingsi, am twenty-five years old this year. I am not that naive. What you said can’t even fool a fetus, let alone a three-year-old kid. Stop kidding me.”

Yue Tingfeng chuckled. Fool a fetus? Who could have thought of that besides Yan Qingsi.

“Why don’t you give Mak Wenjie a call? Let’s see if I am telling the truth.”

“Hands off!”

“Nope, not letting go.”

“I don’t have money, not a single cent. Do whatever you want!” quipped Yue Tingfeng.

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